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Does anyone know a way to update album artwork that has been added to the iTunes library AFTER the songs or albums have been transferred to the iPod Touch? Many of my albums have no artwork in the iPod although it's there in my iTunes library.

Also, there is no button under the iPod music preferences tab to check for album artwork.

I've just added dozens of new album artwork files to my iTunes library but it does not copy to my new iPod Touch. I am manually managing my music for this iPod because my library is bigger than the iPod size. Help!

24" iMac 2.8Ghz, iPod Touch 16gb, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    What you need to do is embed the art work into your mp3 or acc files.
    I use this applescript for albums that I use the iTunes store art work.
    You just select all the tracks so that they are highlighted in blue then
    you go to your applescript in the menu bar and run the embed art script.
    Most of the time I use Art Collector for all my album art and not the iTunes store.
    Art collector embed's the art work for you.
    Also make sure that you have transfer art work to the ipod checked in your iPod settings.
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    Thanks for your response. One problem is that in the iPod prefs panes, there is no place to check 'transfer artwork to iPod'. I think the iPod touch is different for some reason, because my other iPods (classic version) do have that checkbox.

    The other problem is that even though many albums have artwork, it just isn't syncing on the iPod.

    The songs that had artwork when i first booted up my ipod and transferred my library got the artwork, but that was a new computer and I hadn't finished getting the artwork for more than 50% of the library. Now that I have done it, most of the songs don't have the artwork in the iPod, even though all albums have artwork in my library.

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks very much-
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    They should update if you do an automatic sync, rather than manually manage. The reason to manually manage music is if you are syncing your iPod to more than one computer. Else, with the IPT selected in the device list, you can click on the Music tab and choose the option to sync only selected playlists, and it will just sync those.

    You may need to remove the songs from the IPT, then add them back.

    Hope this helps...
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    This was happening to me, too. I typically only attach my artwork to the initial song on an album, because iTunes and the iPod are smart enough to carry it throughout all songs on the same album and it consumes less space on the iPod.

    Once I started to manage songs manually, I noticed that the artwork for a few of the albums did not transfer. Of course, it turned out that the only artwork that was missing were on albums for which I had left out the first song during the sync. Once I included those songs back into my synced lists, all my artwork was present again on my iPod touch.
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    I too noticed that this was happening on "some" songs - what I ended up doing and it worked every time was to delete the songs from the iPod touch - go back into library and select the song - when the artwork appeared in the box I hovered the cursor over it and selected "copy" - then if just one song I right clicked on the highlighted song - selected "get info" and then artwork tab - deleted current artwork (even though the artwork was there) and put cursor in big white box - right click - "paste" to put artwork back. The best was for whole albums - after right clicking on art work and selecting "copy" I made sure all songs in the library were selected and highlighted and then right clicked "get info" this time Multiple Information Box would open and there on the right would be a box for artwork - just put cursor in that box - right click and "paste" then Ok - it will change all songs in that album and then I dragged songs to iPod and each and every time the album art transferred over properly - never had another issue. I do it this way because I found that doing it while songs are in the library makes the process go quite quickly - my experience has been, that even though I can do it right in the iPod touch songs - it seems to take forever watching each song get changed and saved but from library is quicker. This way, you change it once in the library and if you lose songs and have to reinstall the touch you know the songs artwork was correct in the library.

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