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Hey Guys,

I've scoured the internet the past few days looking for a solution to my problem. I just recently installed Vista Ultimate. I've been using iTunes for the past month or so on Ultimate and just the other day decided to sync my iPhone to my library. When I connect the iPhone, Vista picks it up automatically but iTunes will not. I have uninstalled EVERY Apple program (Mobile Device Support, Software Updater, Bonjour, iTunes, & Quicktime) and then re-installed it directly from Apple's website at least a dozen times.

On this forum someone recommended back in October to someone else that they try to uninstall and then re-install iTunes with antivirus software off. I had not thought of that, so I tried that a few minutes ago almost sure that this was the solution.

I'm still not getting anything at all. After re-installing iTunes with the antivirus and firewall off, again, Vista installs the iPhone and gives me a few options to import pictures from the iPhone, but iTunes will still not recognize the iPhone.

I also read about the USBAAPL.SYS driver not installing properly possibility. I checked in both windows/system32/drivers and windows/system32/inf and did not see this file. However, I did the find the USBAAPL.SYS file in my XP windows folder as I have a dual boot setup. I copied the file from XP and pasted it into Vista windows driver and INF folder. STILL NOTHING!

I also tried installing this driver directly from windows but I couldn't as Vista was looking for an INF file.

I am totally at a loss. Someone please HELP

ECS, Windows Vista, Vista Ultimate, P4 3GHz, 1GB RAM
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    You may have already tried all the steps included with this link, but this is the only reference I can provide.


    Disabling antivirus, drivers not installed properly, or having the wrong driver installed, or a problem with a driver needing a new one just released, etc. - how and why are so many willing to put up with all that? OS X is not perfect and completely trouble free for all users by any means, but.... I've always used a Windows PC at work, and it is a big no thanks for me, but to each his/her own.
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    Thank you Allan for your quick response. I have been to the link you provided. Followed all the steps. Apple Mobile Device is running. iPhone is plugged in directly to the PC. iTunes still unable to recognize iPhone.

    Is there anyone out there that has had this issue resolved? Or does anyone know the solution.

    Why was I able to find the USBAAPL.SYS in XP but not in Vista even after uninstalling and re-installing iTunes over a dozen times?

    Device manager displays the iPhone as "Apple iPhone". The drivers installed and being used are as follows:


    Can anyone whose iPhone is syncing with Vista without any issues confirm if the driver is supposed to be USBAAPL.sys?

    Please help! I have the best iPod in the world that has no music. Please help me bring music to my ears
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    1. Turn off all antivirus and firewalls when freshly installing iTunes.

    2. Open up device manager.

    3. Right click "Apple iPhone".

    4. Click "Update Driver Sofware".

    5. Click "Browse my computer for driver sofware. Locate and install driver software manually."

    6. Click "Browse".

    7. Navigate to "windows/system32/driverstore/usbaapl.sys" (it took me two days of searching to stumble upon the usbaapl.sys driver issue. it seems that when iTunes installs itself, windows loses the driver and installs it's own driver that recognizes the iPhone only as a camera)

    8. Click "OK".

    9. I had to install three times as the first two tries gave me a message stating that there was an error when installing.

    Once the driver installs your iPhone will wake up and you will see your iPhone in iTunes.

    No disrespect to you guys. You did try to help. But it amazes me that I found the answer on a forum I never heard of and couldn't find or get it here on Apple's forum.

    It seems as if though this happens to be a common problem with a solution very difficult to find. You should sticky this or something.

    A million thanks to Ameezo from HowardForum.com.
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    Same problem here, but I can't find a copy of the driver. So I can't even attempt to browse for it manually. I've called apple, played with vistas UCA, Disabled the Firewall, uninstalled/reinstalled, & even replaced the phone. Please let me know if anyone finds a solution to this, it's making me crazy!

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    Well, I think I figured out why it took you 3 or 4 times to get it to accept the USB drivers for the phone and not just the camera.....by the way, great job who ever started this...so relieved...
    anyway, what i did, is when i found the folder in the directory that has the .dll file in it. here is what i did and int worked first time within seconds. I right clicked on the folder the .dll file is in and created a sub-folder.....then i did a copy/paste to my desktop of the file where the .dll file were in.....then i followed the process thru device manager, but i just selected the sub-folder i created.
    Now there is one trick i lucked out in find out.....there are lie 5 ot 6 files..oneof then is the one needed to fix problem...so, what you do, is delete the .CAT file from the copy on the desktop as it will cause an error....then you just copy/paste all of the files into the new sub-folder and perfect...

    thanks the the guidance...i was losing my mind...i hope this can help someone shave some time off of there stress as well.....d
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    I have the same problem - if I look at the driver details for my iphone in the device manager it shows the file USBAPPL.sys however I still cannot access my Iphone. In the details tab it has Device Instance ID and then this long number: USB\VID05AC&PID1292\069F97AB93BB0FDC491A18D30B87B52589B83486
    does that mean anything?
    Sometimes I can get it to connect and show up in My Computer but not Itunes and then other times it can't even be recognised at all even in my computer. Please help this is very frustrating. Works fine on another computer but not the one I need it to work on.