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I currently use word and powerpoint. I like what I see on Keynote. I am not sure of the advantage of Pages, except that it will most likely not crash as often as Word. I like the autotext feature in Word. I have looked at the materials on pages and have not found a similar feature. Am I missing it?

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    Hello Carl,

    welcome to the Pages discussions. What is autotext? Is it the auto-completion of words you are typeing or the insertion of sentenses like macros? Both features are not implemented in Pages. There are some tools to do auto-completion.

    Here is one:

  • Joerg Beyer Level 2 Level 2 (395 points)
    Hi Carl.

    I'm evaluating TextPander since some days and would like to second FrankBe's post -- TextPander looks promising. The current version is 1.2, it's donationware, and I can imagine more things to come if we are willing to appreciate Mr. Maurer's work.

    One of the greatest advantages of Textpander is that the shortcut-expansion-"database" is an external XML-file (in /<user>/library/application support/textpander).
    If you're using Word for Mac (vX or v2004), you should be able to read out your existing autotext-entries with AppleScript, change the result to XML, and import your entries into TextPander. Maybe you will have to puzzle a bit, but it may save you some work.

    Oh, and of course there are three alternatives to TextPander (and Word's doc-based Autotext-feature):
    (1) TypeIt4Me -- a veteran
    (2) SpellCatcher -- another veteran *wich comes with a very flexibel AutoText-feature*
    (3) Typinator -- ... is a newcomer like Textpander, native Mac OS X/Cocoa

    All these products (incl. Textpander) work systemwide in each and every application you like to have an autotext-feature.

    Look at Versiontracker.com for user reviews, or google the products.
    Happy evaluating, have a nice weekend.


    P.S.: Oh ... and forget Word, if you can. It's not worth to waste your time and productivity with this so called "industrial strength software".
  • Matthias Rempe Level 4 Level 4 (1,560 points)

    we had a similar discussion some days before about Auto Correct and Textpander.

    Depending on your (maybe growing) needs, you could also take a look at http://linguisoft.com/ for Grammarian:

    Grammarian Pro X offers "Grammar, Spelling, Dictionary, Thesaurus, AutoCorrect, and Styled AutoType".
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    thanks to all above, this is helpful. I will check these out. Love to shake mr gates out of my system.