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using time capusle easily as a wireless router for my pc and macbook. time machine works perfectly as my back up for my mac. is there a way to back up any of my data from my pc to time capsule, wired or wirelessly (preferred)?

Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    I just set up my time capsule too, and basically have the same question. I have a PC wired directly to it and a Mac wirelessly connected. Just did my first backup of the Mac and that worked fine. I can access the TC disc from both. What is the best way to backup the PC. Time machine as far as I can tell, is not made for the PC. Just transfer files directly onto the TC disc?
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    If both your PC and Mac are on at all times, you could save ALL your PC data files onto a folder on your Mac. Have TM backup that folder to TC. TM is built into Leopard and has nothing to do with a PC. Alternatively, you could purchase a PC backup software product that can back up your PC files onto a partition on the TC (though I don't know if TC allows partitions).