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Just purchased a new iMac and am just learning iMovie. I was wondering if some of you iMovie experts might have some advice for me. Here's the situation:

Before leaving for vacation last weekend I imported a bunch of video off our camcorder into iMovie 08. We have one of those hard drive based camcorders which had about 20 hours or so of video stored on it that I had not done anything with, so I had to clear it out before leaving to make room for new stuff.

iMovie imported everything as events and all was well. All I did was import the video - I did not make any projects or anything like that.

After returning from vacation, I find that I am going to have to re-format my hard drive and re-install Leopard using the "Erase and Install" option (for reasons unrelated to iMovie).

So the big question is - How can I back up the movie files (events) that I imported before I left, to a DVD? I was able to find an option in iPhoto under "Share" and then "Burn", which allows you to burn a copy of your iPhoto Library to CD/DVD and then re-import those photos back to your library - but I was unable to find a similar option for iMovie 08.

If I can't find a way to back all these imported camcorder videos up, my wife will kill me.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    I mostly recommend to purchase an external harddrive (~100$ for 300-500GBs), format it with the Disk Utility in your apps Folder to 'MacOsExtended' and then 'push' the Events to that external location within iM08..

    a DVD fits ~4.7GB.. which is worth ~20min of dv footage, or ~5min ( ! ) of HiDef material ... so, DVDs wouldn't be my choice #1 ...
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    Hi Karsten,

    Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate the insight, and I 100% agree with your advice - I'll be purchasing an external drive in the next week or two to use iMovie with going forward.

    Unfortunately though, I need to re-install OS X today, and I can't lose the iMovie events I imported before leaving for vacation. My only real option at the moment is to back them up to DVD's ( I know it will take many DVD's) or maybe to back them up to my .Mac iDisk - although I don't think I'd have enough iDisk storage for 20 hours of video.

    My problem is still - How do I go about backing the videos (events) up? Like what files do I need to copy, etc.
    Is there something in iMovie (like I described above in iPhoto) that will easily copy all the necessary files to a DVD or something like that?

    Being a Swticher from PC, this Mac is turning out to be so awesome....but it's difficult not knowing where everything is.

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    If you have Toast 9, it will do a backup to data DVDs that spans multiple volumes.

    You may be able to do this manually if none of your events is larger than a single DVD, but it will be a chore.
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    Thanks for the info, that would be great! I do have Toast 9. I haven't installed it yet though. I'm just not sure what files I need to backup for iMovie.

    Do I just copy all the stuff thats in the Movies/iMovie Events folder?

    And when restoring after I re-install Leopard, do I just copy all of them back to the same place ?

    Man, I really feel like I'm getting somewhere now. Thanks guys!

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    Yes, copy the iMovie Events folder.
    Also copy the iMovie Projects Folder and the iMovie Sharing folder if you have made any movies (i.e. if these folders have anything in them)

    When finished, move them back where they were.