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Is there any way to see all songs which are not authorized on this computer? I have a lot of some friends stuff on this computer and its quite a pain to put iTunes on shuffle only to tell me that a song isn't authorized.

Windows Vista
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    Excellent question. I have connected friends external hard drives for virus and spyware cleaning and ended up populating itunes with unauthorized music. It would be great to have a utility to remove all those songs.
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    I also, would love an answer to this question that has been plaguing me for years now with the same issues! It's hard to find answers searching the internet because i can't get the search keywords to match up with good results. I was lucky to even find this thread!

    What would be most beneficial is a program that would show or select the unauthorized songs, and either let one convert or erase them. Do others feel the same?

    It difficult for me to even find the songs until i stumble upon them at inconvenient times.

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    There has to be a way to do this for Windows! There is a Mac script that will do this. It creates a static playlist with the purchaser's name, and lists all songs purchased by them.

    You can suggest it to Apple using iTunes menu > Help >Provide iTunes Feedback
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    Here's the link for the script mentioned. I tried and it worked like a champ. (You can also search for "Protected AAC" in the 'kind' field, but of course it'll also find songs you yourself purchased.)

    Be sure to throw this guy a couple of bucks for his time. This is a much-needed option for the Mac user community (no, I don't know him, I'm just a user like you who's P-O'd at having to spend a bunch of time deleting tracks so my IPod will sync without me having to click through a thousand nag screens bugging me about DRM. Not that I needed much more encouragement to flee ITunes Store for Amazon's DRM-free downloads.)