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So my network is based on an Airport Extreme, which I just bought. The network works fine. I've had an Airport Express until now, which I want to use to play music off of my Bose system. I've done a hard reset to reset all of the settings so that I could set it up as an extension of my new network. However, when I go into the Airport utility, only my Extreme shows up. I've reset the Express over 5 times, but it doesn't seem to want to pick up. Any ideas on what I should do?

Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    I have a similar problem, but with a netgear wireless router behind a cable modem. I factory reset the express and it will show up on the airport utility and I can configure it, but later (half hour or more), it just disappears from the network. Logging into my router shows only my other devices attached and not the express. Could this be firmware being wiped with a factory reset? Oh, and I still have a steady green light on the express.... I use it only to provide a line in for a stereo from itunes, nothing connected to the usb or ethernet ports and when factory reset, it works with itunes (shows the name of express in the lower right area of itunes and streams music).

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    I just factory reset again (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1450?viewlocale=en_US), then I reconfigured the express for the network, then installed the 6.3 firmware for the express. Although it's only been a few minutes, I'm back in business. If it goes back down, I'll be back.
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    And now it's gone off the network. iTunes doesn't see it, the Airport utility doesn't see it. Any ideas?
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    First my apologies, I'm not so good at English.

    I've the same problem. I've discovered the problem shows up every time I close the Macbook Pro (goes in sleep-mode).
    Network configuration :
    Airport Extreme with 2 airdisks, Aiport Express, iMac intel, Macbook Pro, Mac mini intel, separated wired router. The 2 airdisks are used in 'bridged' mode.
    All the network devices are configured manually (manual IP address, not DHCP)

    Every time i close the upper case of my Macbook Pro, the Airport Express disappears, I can't see him in the Airport config. program, and the airtunes doesn't work anymore.
    But an IP ping is ok, there is no packet loss, so he is still active in the network.

    The only way to get it back at work is resetting the Airport express or pull it out of the wall-outlet and back in, AND rebooting my Macbook Pro.

    So this is very strange, isn't it?
    A few months ago there was a simular bug : closing the Macbook Pro causes some problems with the airdisks, they disappear also from the network. This problem is solved now.
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    Yes, I think you are on to something as we have an Aluminum Powerbook in our network (10.5.3) that had been put to sleep and awoken. I'm a little bummed however, as this seems out of our ability to fix - I guess we just wait till apple works it out for us.
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    How did you configure your network? DHCP or manual IP?
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    DHCP - do you think I should give it a dedicated IP address? (all our wired/wireless devices are DHCP)

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    It seems like everyone has the same problem as mine. I'm still stuck with issue.
    I've been using Airport Extreme and just added Airport Express.
    When I first plugged Express in, Airport Utility recognized it well. But all of sudden it disappeared.
    I reset and plugged in it again and only for minutes it worked fine then it's gone again.
    Anyone has solved this?

    By the way, even though I love Apple's products, they never satisfies me at the first try. Every time I got new Apple's product, I had to struggle to configure it and to fix bugs of it.
    They don't have any email support so that everyone gets here to fix the problem by themselves and it's like being abandoned and treated wrong.
    They always try to get into service business, just like .mac or mobileme available soon, but they don't have any service mind in them.
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    Mac OS X
    Same problem so I have Subscribed to this thread hoping there's a solution soon.
    My older Airport Extreme working just fine.
    Borrowed a new Extreme, same setting, worked fine.
    Tried Express but it disappeared from Airport Utility when trying to restart after inputting settings via Airport Utility.
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    First, let me discuss the only way I was able to do a factory settings reset successfully. I did not push the button in UNTIL the Express was already plugged in. I held it for about 20 seconds, and never saw 4 green light flashes as Apple says you are suppose to. However, the amber light flashed rapidly. This cleared the previous password and settings, allowing me to do a fresh set up. Using the instructions provided by Apple did not work.

    Now, with that said, I can connect to the AX with my Macbook Pro. However, I did the set up on my iMac, and it will no longer detect the AX using Airport Utility, nor can I connect to the network using my Airport card. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!