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I recently accidently deleted a conversation from my iPhone, but luckily I had synced up with iTunes previously, so the texts and other settings were still backed up so that they could be restored.

Before restoring, I pulled off the SMS.db file from the iPhone so that I could have all the most up-to-date sms text messages that were on the phone so that I didn't lose them. I then restored to 1.1.4 and was able to get back my old text messages. SO I then pulled off that SMS.db file from the iPhone, so now I have 2 SMS.db files, which I basically want to merge into 1, which contains all the up-to-date texts, and that also contains the deleted conversation.

I tried downloading SQLite Expert Professional, as well as SQLite Browser, and am able to open up both of the .db files. However, I cannot find a way to copy and paste the missing conversation from one .db to the other. I also was thinking of going to the extent of just manually typing in each and every one of the missing sms's into the newer db file, that way I would have all texts there, but when I try to add an entry to the database, I get an error saying "The database file is locked."

So what I'd like to know is if ANYBODY has any idea of how I can go about getting all the texts into one SMS.db file (either just copy/paste, retype manually adding from one to another, etc...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot!

PC, Windows Vista