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What is a normal Full Charge Capacity (mAh) on the Macbook Air or does this number change with charge cycles?

Also, what do the "Amperage" and "Voltage" indicators mean in System Profiler?

Mac OS X (10.5.3), MacBook Air, 1.8Ghz, 80Gb HDD
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    From my experience, I've seen 5000-5200 mAh on brand new MacBook Airs. On a few different occasions, I saw a 48xx that actually increase to around 51xx mAh after a few cycles on the battery life. As you tack on more cycles, that number will decrease and will fluctuate which is considered normal wear and tear.

    The battery is rated to retain approximately 80% of the original mAh within the first 300 charge cycles.

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    The amperage is the current being used by the computer, and the voltage is the voltage of the battery. It typically runs at around -1.5 amps (1500 milliamps); when draining the battery it is a negative number, and when charging a positive number. You can get an idea of how long your computer can run is to divide the charge remaining y the current you are using. Minimize the current an you will have a longer operating time.

    I am very interested in knowing the weight of the battery, if anyone knows, as Apples's batteries appear to be much lower than those fo other manufacturers.