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Ack! When I synced a playlist on itunes to my iphone, it disappeared from itunes and I can't sync it back. Annoying! What did I do and how do I fix it?

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    One thing to check out.

    Open itunes and connect the iphone.
    When the iphone shows on the left of itunes, click on the music tab above the summary page.
    When you click on the music tab, you will see how itunes is set to sync music to the iphone.
    Is the iphone set to sync all songs and play lists, or set to sync just particular playlists.

    If it is set for all songs and playlists, does that play list still exist in itunes?
    If particular playlists, is that playlist still checked to sync.

    Also, can you open the playlist in itunes and play music in that playlist?

    Hope this helps.
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    Actually what's happened is that all the songs in a playlist are gone from itunes (but on iphone). The playlist name is still in itunes.

    Response didn't help b/c when I go to the 'music' tab in iphone sync software and try to check 'sync,' I get an alert window telling me that checking 'sync' will remove everything from iphone and replace it with itunes data. I"ve messed around with it all kinds of ways and I'm not seeing a way to get the songs that I put on iphone back into their playlist on itunes. (Same playlist name on both.)
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    Have you tried the option to "transfer purchases from iPhone on the pull-down menu in iTunes (under "File")? Not sure this will work, but it may....