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I'm working on a track with 7 different vocalists singing at different times and i've got the mix to sound good, but i'm having enormous problems with sibilance
i'm using logic's de-esser but no matter what frequency i'm de-essing the problem is still present
anybody have any suggestions to what i can do to attempt to fix the problem?

so far my de-essers generally read about
Detector Freq - 7300Hz
Sens - 63%
Suppressor - 8800Hz
Strength - -10.5
Smoothing - 2.0 ms

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
  • Bee Jay Level 6 Level 6 (10,895 points)
    Logic's de-esser is a bit rubbish, actually.

    You might be better off trying to find a better de-esser plugin, or try rigging up some frequency selective compression manually...
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    any suggestions on plug-ins?
    although i'm quite strapped for time, so for this project (well the problem is only present in this one song) i'm gonna have to go with logic's de-esser...

    and anybody have some guidance on de-essing with logic's plugin?
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    Logic's De-esser is completely useless. Seriously... don't waste anymore time trying to get it to function. Out of all the wonderful plug-ins we do get with Logic, that one is a complete and utter waste of code. I am not being tongue & cheek either...

    The best software De-esser I have used is the UAD-1, but unless you have the UAD-1 card, it isn't an option. Sony (sonnivox, sorry) has one that's supposed to be really good.

    Waves Renn De-esser does an admirable job as well.

    There's also this new one from eiosis. I've heard favorable reviews on this one, and there is a downloadable demo.


    You could always try side chaining a channel EQ to a compressor, with a very narrow notch at the sibliant frequencies.

    And lastly, while de-essers will help, you will get considerably better results by simply taking the time to automate the volume of the "Sss" down using volume Automation. It's time consuming, but ultimately sounds the best, and most natural.
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    oh thanks! i didn't even think of automating it down.. haha i guess it was too obvious of a solution:P
    i'll check out those other de-essers too
    and i don't have a uad-1 card
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    Logic's De-esser is completely useless.

    Hey! There you go, ruining my carefully worded diplomacy...

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    +1 on Waves Renn Deesser