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blackfire Level 1 (0 points)
my ipod will not sync at all. i can add songs to itunes and i can listen to those songs on itunes but, the songs will not sync on to my ipod. i got a brand new ipod and it has no songs or anything on it, it just will not sync. can anyone help me out?

8 g nano, Windows XP
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    I am having the same problem except that my ipod nano is a year old and it used to sync just fine. I can't figure out the problem despite hours of research.
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    Hi there!
    I've read your problem, and that's also mine. Now, dose yr ipod sync? How can? Can you show me the way to. Thanks
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    my ipod still doesn't sync. i had posted something similar to this problem like a month ago and i was just reading it now it says that i have to register my ipod but i can't see all the buttons so i have to change my screen revoultion so i am going to try that and i will tell anybody who wants to know if it works
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    yea i am so happy it worked. all i had to do was change my screen revoultion because it have an older monitor so i couldn't see the a button that i needed to press. my ipod is syncing right now all by itself so happy
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    Oh! I didn't see any button to press to sync it. I use itunes 7.6. I'm so tired with my new one! hic
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    I have a Situation here...

    OKay, I used to have a dell laptop and my nano had 851 songs on it, and about 25 playlists. Now I have a mac and I got my itunes library situated so I could update my ipod. Now I have 771 songs, and a few more playlists, but Itunes says that I do not have enough room on my ipod and it cannot put all the songs or playlists on my nano...

    Please Help.
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    hey, ive just read your post and im having the same problems, i have bought a nano8g and my itunes library wont sync all songs to my ipod. ive got 158 songs in my library but only 72 will transfer across..is that the same problem you had? even when i keep syncing my ipod nothing happens...any advice???
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    Thank You , thank you , thank you !!!! The resolution thing worked. I was so frustrated with my new Ipod before I read your post that I was ready to return it!!