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Hello everyone.

I've been trying to figure out a way to manually add podcasts to my iphone and have them show up in the podcast section. I can add podcasts fine to the music section, that works and they play fine but they can be hard to find amid the thousands of songs I have.

When I try to manually add podcasts to the podcasts section in itunes, I get the sad red circle with a line through it, instead of the happy blue plus sign that I get when I add podcasts to the music section.

Podcasts that I download are classified correctly, but the ones I want to add can't be downloaded anywhere anymore (licensing restrictions I believe).

Am doing something wrong or is this the way itunes is meant to work? Something misconfigured maybe?

I'm using itunes on Vista.

Apple iphone, Windows Vista
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    For some reason known only to Apple, only files downloaded through iTunes can be in the podcast section of iPod. As far as I know there is still no supported way around this.

    Occassionaly someone reports getting around issue by manually editing the file using a hex editor. This involves comparing iTunes downloaded file with non-iTunes downloaded file to find the difference. Once found, the equivalent setting in other files can be changed. I have never done it though.
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    Thanks. Not the answer I was hoping for of course. I would guess Apple does it this in order to increase the percentage of podcasts that come through itunes.

    I'm going to keep downloading through other methods and will add podcasts through the music section. Probably will also delete most of the music on my iphone to make things easier to find.
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