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ok, so im about to transfer all my music track to my new computer. But i cant copy the itunes library into my ipod, because the ipod device doesn't appear in my computer.

i have tried all the "5 R's" but nothing seems to happend. I have also lokked on apples support website. I have tried everything but it still doesnt work...

can anybody help me ?

windows xp, Windows XP
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    Hello, and Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    The iPod touch unfortunately cannot be used as an external storage device.
    There are programs that enable this use, though. Either someone else knows a good one (I don't) or a google search will bring good results.
    Hope this helps and good luck.
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    Can anybody answer my question, my itunes is set to my old ipod , now i got a ipod touch and when i delete my itunes it wont let me put songs onto my touch, it doesnt even see my ipod touch?