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When i plug my iphone in to sync with my pc i used to get a pop up box in the right hand corner that would ask if i wanted to import and tag my pictures from my iphone. This box has disappeared and I can't work out how to sync my photo's from my iphone to my pc. I've tried the usual rebooting stuff but still can't work it out. Any thoughts? Am i missing something in settings that automatically downloads photo's from iphone when it's connected to PC?

Toshiba, Windows Vista
  • DaVBMan Level 6 (9,265 points)
    1. make sure phone is not locked (passcode locked) when you connect.
    2. odds are you (or somebody) changed a setting in windows to not pull up that window anymore by default.
    3. after plugging in, go to My Computer and you should see it listed as a camera/scanner. Just go double click it and get into the pictures and copy off manually. Right click it and I think there you can tell Windows how to act when plugged in.
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    I'm also having the same problem. It happened immediately after an iPhone freeze. I sync on a PC using Windows XP Pro.
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    Here is an article from the apple support website that might help out.

    It is an article to disable the camera notification, but you can take the same steps to enable it.

    Hope this helps.