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My current phone (Nokia) does not; however the Nokia has voice dial so had an alternative. The IPhone does not have voice dial

The Garmin Nuvi 660 will download contacts if the phone supports it. Does anyone know if IPhone contacts will download to a Garmin Nuvi?
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    Just assuming you are talking about a handscree device that has it's own internal address book that has the ability to get via bluetooth a phones address book.

    Sorry to say but as of right now, bluetooth on the iPhone doesn't support Object Push (what is needed to transfer data between devices). It can only use bluetooth to get to a headset/speaker.
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    I use the iPhone with my Garmin 760. The hands free phone functions of the 760 works well and the Garmin does sync the "phone book" of my iPhone. I can use the 760 to make calls, scrolling through the "phone book" on the unit itself.
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    I was having some issues with my Garmin Nuvi 660 last week. I was on a long trip and the "Searching satellite" message kept coming up. I called Garmin support and they said to upgrade all my Firmware. They first told me to go in some special user setup mode by turning off my Nuvi and powering it up with my thumb pressed in the top left hand corner of the screen until a special screen kicked in.

    I reset all the user data and then I connected to Garmin with the special application for OS X.

    It upgraded lots of firmware. System, GPS, and Bluetooth all were upgraded to latest versions. (Please note that you might have to do these upgrades gradually. I didn't and tried to do all three firmware upgrades at once and it didn't take the Bluetooth one. So when I connected again it told me to download the bluetooth again.)

    Once you are up-to-date with all firmware power down the Nuvi and disconnect from your mac. Power her up and it should actually show the Firmware for bluetooth loading. If it doesnt then you must reconnect with the Garmin Application. I am saying this because it happened to me a few times the Bluetooth screen never popped up until eventually it did.

    I have an 16gig Apple iphone and all BLUETOOTH features WORK. Phone Directory is downloaded, call history, last dialed and missed calls. I saw the screen "downloading directory" and it took a while (I have some 7K contacts) but once I let it do its thing - all my contacts are now loaded in my NUVI.

    Its really nice to have them all there for easy dialing.

    DO not give up on your 660! There is hope!
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    Do the contacts addresses from Iphone become waypoints to drive to a destination?
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    I don't guess you have upgraded to an iPhone 3G have you?

    Has anyone used an iPhone 3G with the Garmin Nuvi 700 series bluetooth? My first 16 GB iPhone worked great with my truck's integrated bluetooth, but the 3G iPhone that I just got doesn't work well with it at all, it is unusable. I am getting a nav system, and was considering the 760, but would like to make sure the 3G iPhone works well with it first. TIA!
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    I've been able to get my Garmin Nuvi 680s to show my white iPhones contacts many times but it's still kind of hit and miss. Apple changed something in the firmware since 2.0. When 1.1.4 was out, I could connect with no problem.

    The Nuvi itself has waypoints in it and you can navigate to them on the Nuvis own screen, not the iPhone.

    Hopefully, as in the past when 1.1.3 broke the bluetooth, 1.1.4 fixed it, a future firmware will once again fix the blutooth reliability with the Nuvi GPS.