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Am going on hols shortly so bought a mains charger for my shuffle - when I plug it in, the orange light flashes and then goes off - shouldn't it stay on constant orange then turn green when it's charged? it did the same with both mine and my partner's ipod and I know mine needed some charging.
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    I have heard that not all generic USB chargers work on iPods - maybe the one you bought is not compatible with iPods.

    If what you have is the original Apple power supply (the square white one with detachable plug and Apple logos on both sides) yet still doesn't charge your iPod shuffle, it's probably broken.
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    Thanks for that - just been to PCWorld who tested the adaptor and it wasn't given out the correct voltage which is why it wasn't charging up. Got to order another one now, hopefully that will work.
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    Purchased a generic USB charger today. After connection LED light on ipod flashed thrice (orange) and then LED switched off automatically. Tested the voltage out put through dock pins and compared with another mains charger (Apple certified) which works. Voltage at the two data pins (Top 2) showed +3 V in the charger(that works) but 0 V on the chager which did not work. The other two pin (bottom +ve, next -ve) showed +5 V and 0V respectively on both the charger. My conclusion is that the data pin connections for shuffle might be different for some reason. Any body knows anything about it. In Google I fount one picture which showed that there is a circuit board within the dock. The Dock for Shuffle 2nd Gen is not just a USB to 3.5mm connector.