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I have a MacBook 13" Intel. I want to connect it to a 37 inch HDMI LCD so as to use Front Row on the bigger screen. What cable type connectors do i need. Thanks

Mac Book and Imac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    You will need to purchase a mini DVI to HDMI cable, or a mini DVI to standard DVI then connect another cable DVI to HDMI so it connects to the TV.
    If you want the sound to come through the TV make sure your TV has a dedicated sound input associated with one of the HDMI inputs, as the DVI cable does not carry the audio through it (HDMI to HDMI does).
    Alternatly, you could take the digital sound from the Macbook using the dedicated port and connect it into a 5.1 surround system. Though you would only recieve true 5.1 if the content you where watching was encoded with surround.


    You could also connect the Macbook to the TV using a mini DVI to VGA if your TV has that connection on it. Be careful to look at the supported resolutions on the TV when using VGA as you might not be able to fill the whole TV screen with your Macbooks output (1:1 pixel mapping)

    I hope this points you in the right direction.

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    Thanks very much its perfect. thanks for the swift response.
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    Hia there!
    Althought solved questions are never rely answered! so here we go again? I purchased a Toshiba 37 " and I also got me a mini-dvi to pc cable adapter and a mini rgb adapter to my tv. The problem is the flaming macbook (brand new) cant see my external screen? WHY is there a "garageband trick" like the iMovie see camcorder! ? I found out my Tos is a hd-ready 1366-768 is it therefore better to use a dvi to hdmi? and or is there a hack to implement such a size or write one in terminal?
    Thank you !
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    I do not fully understand how you are trying to connect the MB to your TV.

    Mini DVI - VGA adaptor?

    What is the mini RGB adaptor you speak of? Please describe the size, shape and the number of pins on this adaptor.
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    Hia there!
    Me ofcourse dont often know the correct terms on cables and adaptors! But I found the dvi to hdmi working fairly well, you should see the image..
    There is no sound thought but if you conect the miniaux to your external speakerset you will get sound.
    I want the setup so I may sit in my favorite chair and Mac
    I haven´t tried it yet but a friend told me i may see film in fullscreen on the big monitor if i press present film in quick-timeplayer, so far it slides back to the small MB-screen.
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    You can also use Airfoil to get your audio to an airport express which is connected to an av system. That way you don't have to use your television speakers.