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After a year of no iphone problems, using wifi all the time (no bluetooth) suddenly my phone wouldn't keep its charge. Apple happily replaced it. The replacement phone had even worse problems within a few days, and they replaced that one too. Now my third iphone won't keep a charge. I have bluetooth and wifi turned off, and I don't autocheck my email messages. With no usage, the battery is down 25% 12 hours after a full charge. I feel like the problem must be on my end, but what could it be? This phone has only been synced with my computer once or twice. I have made NO modifications of any kind to the phone or itunes. Please help! Should I try to exchange this one too?!!

imac, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    There is probably a program running when on standby. The most common one is Mail; it it can't complete a wireless mail sync it will keep trying forever, even if you press the home button. Another possibility is you have Safari on a site that continuously or periodically updates. To test if this is the problem when you quit Mail or Safari do a force quit instead of just pressing HOME. To force quit an application HOLD the HOME button until the home screen appears instead of just pressing it.
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    I think this must be it. It would explain why turning off wifi has not at all helped and possibly made the problem worse. If mail is constantly trying to sync (through the edge network), that would be a big drain. And I have three synced mail accounts! Thank you so much and I will report back.
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    Casey H,

    In addition to Mail or another application running in the background, signal strength can make a big difference.

    If you are further from the cell tower, or inside buildings that partially block the cell signal, the iPhone like many other cell phones will user more power to try and maintain a signal.

    Hope this helps,

    Nathan C.
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    Hey you are not alone Nathan I am on my 4th IPhone and the last one they gave me, The apple store never did a Full Restore I found under settings Calltime of 4 days 21 hours and I had just got the phone the day before I called Apple they told ME to do a Full Restore. lol, there has to be a problem with these Phones Batteries are they not suppose to last more than 5 hours before going RED!!! That is the reason for the new 3g IPhone. But we paid $400.00 plus the new ones pay $199.00. omg Now I know for a fact were all of our monies are going.
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    If you've had multiple phones with the same problem it is almost certainly a software problem, not hardware. Read back in this thread for advice on what to do about it.
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    Since I started force quitting safari and mail I have had no battery problems - also, my phone was having a problem connecting to my home network. Now that is solved and all seems to be well. Thank you for your help!!!