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Is there a plug in for Apple TV that I can view and control my content of my SlingBox through my Apple TV?

I think apple TV would be the ultimate Multi Media Hub if it were to add Slingplayer Software plugin from SLing Media. If this were possible, all other AV components except for stereo receiver could be buried in a closet and controled by the sleek Apple TV.

Why would Apple want to do this?

My gut feeling is that Apple does not want to get into the PVR (personal video recorder)game. As well with the launch of the Mac Book Air with no Optical drive, I can't see Apple putting a Blu-ray drive in the Apple TV (even though I think That would be great idea). The SlingBox sloves all those issues. With a sling box Pro, yo can conrol up to 3 devices remotely. So if Apple were to do this, I could control my satilite, my PVR and my DVD player through the SlingPlayer plug in on my Apple TV!! Slingbox is set to introduce Slingbox Pro HD this year that will let you stream HD content (1080p or 1080i, can't remember) over your homes internal network.

If there was some way that the Slingbox and Apple TV could talk to each other, I could access any of my media anywhere in the wold, as long as I had Internet connection. This could be very powerful.

SlingBox and Apple TV would be the centre of my MultiMedia World.

Apple, Mac OS X (10.5.3)