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I was using my iMac earlier today when it suddenly shut off. The only programs I had opened were Safari and iTunes. I put my hands on top of the computer and noticed that it felt especially hot. Could the cause of my iMac shutting off be because it got too hot? Should I be concerned about possible damages that may have occurred? I appreciate your help.

One more thing; my iMac won't go to sleep according to the inactive time that I have specified in the Energy Saver settings. It only goes to sleep when I access the sleep command or push the power button. Otherwise it just stays on. Thanks again.

iMac 20"/2.66GHZ/2GB/320GB/SD/AP/BT, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
Reply by popeye on Jun 13, 2008 10:17 PM Helpful
I suggest you read completely through this thread, if you have the latest aluminum model I would highly recommend bringing to the nearest Apple repair depot (or Apple store) and have it looked at as it's still under warranty. If you have a G5 model, you'll be responsible for the cost of repairing unless you have an extended warranty (Applecare).

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    I suggest you read completely through this thread, if you have the latest aluminum model I would highly recommend bringing to the nearest Apple repair depot (or Apple store) and have it looked at as it's still under warranty. If you have a G5 model, you'll be responsible for the cost of repairing unless you have an extended warranty (Applecare).
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    Thanks, Popeye. I didn't realize so many people were having the same problem all at the same time. So it seems that the problem may be the motherboard, power supply, SATA inverter (I'm not sure what that is), or possibly even the keyboard or mouse. And it does seem from everyone's posts that the problem occurs during both high load and low load conditions, which seems to rule out overheating, yes?

    Unfortunately, I am not near an Apple Store. I purchased mine from an authorized dealer, but I am moving in three weeks and I will be right across the street from and Apple Store. So far the problem has not occurred again, but I'm going to keep an eye on it this weekend and contact Apple on Monday to see what they suggest. I'll keep you updated if you're interested. Thanks again.
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    Hello KL

    For sleep and power issues, first reset the SMC (System Management Controller) following the instructions in the link below:


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    Forget all the hoops and hocus pocus resets. Welcome to the Random Pull The Plug shutdown syndrome. One so popular that another thread has been locked!
    As of yet I don't know if Apple has a clear defined solution. I know the drill. You are using machine and it's as if suddenly the plug got yanked from the wall. Restart after a minute or so and it may run fine for hours, days, even weeks and suddenly here it shows again.
    It is not even specific to an application or anything. How can this be happening for almost a year with these Aluminum imacs and still no recall or even admission of the issue?
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    Yeah this is rediculous. I just read through the newest thread a few posts up. Because I am now having the same problem. It just shuts off whenever it feels like it! It's really frustrating. Taking it in soon.
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    Having the same problems with my recently purchased iMac. It worked fine for 2 months but last Friday it suddenly shut down. Most of the attempts to restart show no response but after extended time where the computer was unplugged it started up briefly and then died again. Reiceived some phone support which temporarily seemed to have solved the problem but after about an hour it shut down again. Now all attempts to restart have been in vain. Now the computer is deader than a doornail.
    This is really disappointing because I have also a PowerBook G4 which developed the vertical lines, a problem that still has not been resolved. And now this new iMac went on the blink so soon after purchase. I have an old Toshiba loaded with Windowns Me that I bought 10 years ago and it is still going strong and has never missed a beat.
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    I'm experiencing the same thing with a 6 week old machine. Mine has been in for repair already and had the power supply and a cable or two replaced, I can't remember right now what the cables were. In any event Apple attempted to fix things with almost no questions at all; Attempted, it has happened twice since than, one time it was pretty hot but the last time the Mac was barely warm. The log files give no clue as to what might be the problem.
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    Thanks for all your replies, guys. I hadn't logged in since Monday so I didn't know that there had been more posts since then. Anyways, to address why there hasn't been a recall or any public recognition of the problem (that I know of), I have a theory: after all the Apple commercials that basically boil down to "Macs are better than PCs because Macs work," how bad would it look that they would have to do a major recall on these new iMacs?

    This is actually my first Mac. I was really stoked about it because everyone that I spoke to that had owned Macs never had any complaints. I'm getting a little concerned now. We've spent good money on these machines and apparently for a lot of us they are turning out to be a major headache. If I wanted a computer that performed poorly I would have bought a PC and spent half the money (sorry to all the PC guys out there. I've had some bad experiences with PCs that helped fuel my decision to purchase a Mac).

    Anyways, I've had another unexpected shutdown earlier today so I'm going to call Apple again and see what they say. For any of you who are having this problem and are going to call Apple for the first time, your support may go something like this: turn the computer off and turn it on again holding the Command, Option, P and R buttons simultaneously. Then, using the Disk Utility, you will verify the disk. Mine claimed that everything "seemed" to be okay and as of Monday I was to monitor my system and call back if it happened again. I'm going to call them again and I'll let you all know what they say.

    Dennis, thanks for the link. I have not read it yet, but I will. I'll keep you all updated. Thanks again and good luck to all of you as you try to get your Mac issues resolved.
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    I'm not even sure if anyone is reading this post anymore, but I said I would keep you guys updated. I have not had any unexpected shutdowns since my second call to Apple, which is not to say that it won't happen again, but so far so good.

    Basically, the second phone call was more diagnostics. We performed a disk verification through the disk utility again, but this time using the install disk (disk 1) that came with the computer. Then we rebooted while holding down the d key and I forget which test we ran from there, but if you reboot the way I've explained, it should be obvious from what's on the screen. We ran both the short and extended tests and the tests showed nothing out of the ordinary (according to the computer). After that I was told to continue monitoring the computer and if it happens again, I am to take the computer in for service. Hopefully it won't come to that. That's it, for now. Thanks to all who have posted.
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    I came back to read this thread as this morning I had another occurrence so when it's convenient the machine goes to the UTC store. I won't have any did you try this or let's do that, the machine is defective, repair it guys. And the topper is I just got some snailmail from Apple about buying some AppleCare, normally I don't but this time 'round I may. I've owned a number of Macs and this is the first one to exhibit any serious problems I wasn't able to sort out (though I could easily sort this one if it was out of warranty...)
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    I think there are a few threads basically covering the same problem. One that went on for a long time was suddenly locked.
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