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When I go to play music either in my library, or in the iTunes store, it won't play. The song name will appear in the box in the top middle of the page, but it doesn't move. This is the third time this has happened since I bought an iPod touch several weeks ago. It will stop playing music for a couple of days, then inexplicably begin playing. This current time I've been unable to play music since Wednesday. Anyone have an idea why this is happening?
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    It will stop playing music for a couple of days, then inexplicably begin playing. This current time I've been unable to play music since Wednesday.

    Are you getting normal system sounds at the moment (other than a beep)? Or is iTunes the only program which is not giving normal sound?
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    I am getting normal system sounds. Only itunes appears to be affected. And the weird thing is i can play videos in itunes this time. the last time the sound stopped, the videos would play, but there would be no sound.
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    Decidedly odd. (Most of the things I associate with iTunes/QuickTime-only sound troubles don't normally get better on their own ... and the ones I associate with getting better on their own will hit all sound on the PC.)

    What operating system are you using, lori? Vista or XP?

    Does rebooting the PC have any effect on whether or not you start getting sound again after one of these silent episodes starts?
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    I'm using Windows Vista.

    And I tried rebooting the first time this happened. It didn't work. But a couple of days later, i noticed the sound was working. The second time, I noticed that itunes wasn't my default music player. i changed that and immediately it started working. that was last weekend. i thought that solved the issue.

    somehow this seems tied to the ipod touch. i never had this problem with my 30G ipod or my shuffle.
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    Sorry about the delay.

    I don't have a Vista PC in front of me. (The noir household(s) Vista box is in North Carolina.) The way the audio control panels work in Vista is different from XP, so there's significant limits to how far I can walk you through detailed troubleshooting here.

    But one thing has sprung to mind as being worth a shot.

    Go "Start > Control Panel". If your control panels are in category view, click on Classic View. Launch the QuickTime control panel, go to the Audio tab.

    In there, check "Safe mode (waveOut only)", and click OK. Restart iTunes if you had it open.

    Do songs play if you have safe mode engaged?
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    i've been having the same problem (XP) and QT safemode didn't resolve it.
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    me too! I'm also using an XP, and I've spent the past 2 days restoring my lost library. I was overjoyed until I realized that NOTHING WOULD PLAY!
    mine isn't going back on forth tho, working and not working
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    Same issue. bump.
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    I've got the same issue in Vista. All of the sudden, when I try to play tracks in my library or from the iTunes store, the progress bar shows up, but nothing happens! What gives, Apple??
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    I'm having the same problem. iTunes will open with no errors, will display my library, but when I select a song and click play, it stays at 0:00 and the meter does not progress. I can click forward in the song, say to 1:15, but the progress meter will not move.

    If I select movies, it plays with no problems.

    I tried uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes, I removed the Last.fm plugin, I even tried an older version of iTunes (7.02) with no luck.
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    Help! This is my problem as well! Does anyone have a fix?
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    i'm really struggling with this one too.... sound's not a problem as it works on everything else, but nothing happens when i try to play itunes, updated everything and still nothing!! it's well frustrating!!
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    Same issue here, only it's not every song, only select albums. Selecting "Get Info" for the track reveals that it is in the iTunes folder where it should be, but not even double-clicking it opens the file. Though the problem is not consistent with all of my music, it is consistent with the albums that are having the problem. ie. if it happens one day then it continues to happen.

    PS. this issue does not appear on my mac, only my Windows Pro XP.
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    I had the same problem today but have solved it, at least for myself! iTunes was fine this morning, then I went into Media Player 11. It was the first time I have used it and it started adding things to it's library. Anyway this afternoon I loaded iTunes fine but nothing would play as described above. I went into control panel and then programe defults and set iTunes as defult and now it's fine.