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Does anybody know anything about how the Iphone works with hearing aids? I'm getting ready to buy a 3G in July, and we'd like to get my husband one as well, but he wears hearing aids. The phone he has now works fine with them. Does anybody have any experience with Iphones and hearing aids? Thanks!

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    What I would like to know if is there is an app that turns the iphone into a hearing aid. I wear hearing aids, but when I take them out and use the stereo ear buds that come with the iphone I can hear phone calls just fine. Problem is I can't hear anything external that is going on. Why can't the iphone be used as a hearing aid when not being used for phone calls? It has a mike, volume control and could be used as a hearing aid in itself, eliminating my other hearing aids and would give me instant connection to any phone calls that come in as well and preventing outside interfering noise from entering my calls.