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I need help installing my new wireless router.I bought a D-link 615 N Router to hook up to my Motorolla cable modem.I will have my Mac connented by the wired ethernet cable and a Wii by Wi-Fi.
The router CD and website give no info for us Mac users.What is the procedure to hook up the router?
Do I need to install some software first or do I just hook everything up and configure after?Any help will be greatly appreciated by my 11 year old son. Thanks-- Dave & Riley

power mac G4 dual 867 mdd, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hi Dave & Riley,

    No need for SW on the Mac, it should show or give the IP of the Router somewhere, put that in the URL bar of any Browser & you should be on the home Setup page!

    portforward.com has setup instructions for just about every Router.

    The Modem should be completely powered down for a few minutes to make it forget the device it was hooked to before... Modems are quite dumb. Power it up then connect the Router & power it up.
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    davidcur wrote:
    ...The router CD and website give no info for us Mac users...

    That is a major feature and distinction of the Apple Airport Base Stations. The Apple Airport configuration utility is provided for both Mac and PC.

    Your D-link should work with the Mac, but there is no guarantee I guess. The User Manual should show a web address to access the router to configure it via a web browser, it will look something like this simulated page:
    but you would typically use the IP address

    You may have issues using a Mac browser, the interface is likely only officially supported by Internet Explorer on the PC. You might have to try Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer to see which one will work and show all the pages properly.

    I'm not sure what the factory default is, it may be operational with no configuration needed, but with little or no security features enabled. Changing the default password and setting up a private encrpyted stealth network are all recommended for increased security as opposed to the factory default setup.
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    Thank You one and all. I just love the mac community.My PC friends cant believe how easy it is for us to get answers when we need help. Thank You again Dave and Riley
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    Good news!

    If you run across a good PC forum that isn't a bit snobby or World War IIish, do let me know about it!