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I use to enjoy listening to yahoo launchcast but it announces on my new MacBook that it's unavailable on MacOS. I also enjoy ClassicFM.com. I can play the latter streaming live show but when I try to access their other shows, it says that I have to install Flip4MAC. I downloaded and installed that many times but I still get the error message in Launchcast and just get a blank screen when I try to play the ClassicFM shows. I thought that Flip4MAC let you run the Microsoft WMP on the MAC? I don't understand what it means that it allows it to run on Quicktime? Any suggestions? TY

Bcloo 6/16/08

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    You need to follow the prompts when you select and alternate program. I selected "The Ultimate Guitar Album" and then Joaquin Rodrigo - 'Agadio' from Concierto de Aranjuez from Disc 1. The following pops up in the player:
    "To enjoy our audio/video on a Mac, you'll need to download Flip4Mac WMV (or an equivalent Windows Media Player).

    Already have Flip4Mac?
    Continue to the audio/video you wanted

    You can get further help and support here"

    I selected "Continue to the audio/video you wanted" and had no problem listening.