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iTunes Version: 7.6.2
Computer OS: Mac OS 10.5.3 (iMac 24"), Mac OS 10.5.3 (MacBook Air), Windows Vista (HP)

I have a .mac ID.

When I try to log into iTunes, it says the Apple ID has not yet been setup for iTunes and then walks me through several steps to set it up. I agree to terms, confirm address info, enter a credit card and then select whether I am inside or outside of city for taxing purposes. When I hit the final DONE button, I receive the error:

"We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later."

Let me answer the obvious questions that have already been posed in other threads like this (other people are having the same problem to no avail):

1. Yes, I am running the latest version of iTunes
2. Yes, I have tried this on multiple computers
3. Yes, I have tried this on multiple operating systems
4. Yes, I have tried this via airport (wireless), physical ethernet, tethered cell phone (by bluetooth) and the university wireless connection (at least two different service providers, probably 3 in total)
5. Yes, I have tried multiple credit cards including a valid billing agreement with iTunes
6. Yes, I have contacted support and not yet received any helpful replies
7. Yes, I have searched this forum, found other users with the same problems, found no solutions that solved it.
8. Yes, I have tried again later, and again and again and again (for weeks now).

I cannot begin to describe how absolutely frustrating it is to buy two mac computers (recent convert from Windows), a .mac account, an Apple TV, an Apple Time Capsule (1TB), thousands of dollars in software, much of it I already owned for Windows, and an Apple iPhone and to be weeks later still unable to register my Apple ID for an iTunes account.

I have been contemplating the switch for some time. One of my clients is switching all of their desktops in their office and their school system to Mac and so it gave me the final excuse to switch. I have spared no expense and jumped in with both feet.

I have always heard about this wonderful user experience that Apple is supposed to provide. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly and easily all of this hardware setup, etc. But I have since been very disappointed by my individual experience.

I've already had a hardware failure on my iMac (in the first month). Being a person who does network, desktop support and computer repair, I was infuriated that I had to call Apple Care a total of 6 times across 2 weeks to convince them that I had already done an overwhelming amount of isolation and had determined I had a bad wireless card in the iMac and needed it replaced (to then drive an hour, drop the computer off, wait a week and drive an hour to pick it back up).

And mind you, the 6th call would not have yielded success except that I insisted they change my wireless card until the guy brought an escalation specialist on the phone who reviewed everything I did and then just said "wow, I'm so sorry" and got everything taken care of. Even then, the store called me a few days after taking the computer in to say there was nothing wrong with it. I had to insist they go back and review the notes. They reluctantly agreed to replace the card even though they could not find a problem.

Amazingly, my iMac functions perfectly now that they have changed out the wireless network card that they insisted repeatedly wasn't bad. Of course never mind the fact that I went through 3 routers, several hours of troubleshooting time on my own and who knows how long to make 6 separate calls to Apple Care to get to the point where they would agree to change the wireless network card.

And now I'm sitting staring at an Apple TV that looks simply amazing, but that is essentially useless to me since I can't rent movies on it. I haven't been able to log into iTunes store yet so I haven't started importing my CD's. The only thing I've really been able to enjoy so far is Photos and Podcasts, neither of which were primary functions that I purchased it for.

I suppose I could go hook it up to my Windows computer with my old Windows based iTunes account with an e-mail address/store account I'm about to discontinue, but that defeats the entire purpose of converting entirely from Windows to Mac.

I'm not seeing this phenomenal user experience that Apple prides itself on. I'm suddenly questioning whether all the extra costs (comparatively, these are very expensive computers) are worth it. I'm at a point where I'm ready to tell this client to hire a mac specialist and that I appreciate their business in the past and to chunk all this hardware and go back to my Windows computers.

I'm truly disappointed. And at this point, the only remaining kink I have is a stupid iTunes store account. But I'm a perfectionist. It's an all or nothing story for me. No matter how unreasonable it may be, I am utterly dissatisfied that I cannot go Apple across the bored and have spent weeks and weeks trying to get registered for a simple iTunes store account.

I apologize for the rant, but I find it necessary to convey the magnitude of frustration that I (and likely other users are experiencing) for this error which is not isolated and not unique (other users are experiencing it) and which seems to be largely unresolved at this point.

iMac 24" and MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    "I haven't been able to log into iTunes store yet so I haven't started importing my CD's."

    Why would you not import your CD's etc. The iTS is just on part of the iTunes experience.

    On my iTunes content only about 450 items are iTS purchases - out of 15,000+ items.

    Your TV is simple and can store lots of content that is not from the iTS. I share my Mac's iTunes to the TV as I have the small HD at 40gig. Works great for me to have video content on my computer that I can view via the TV.

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    I feel you. I just spent two hours and the same exact response is happening to me. I have tried this every week to the same response! I need to purchase music for a dance class. Not only did i just buy a new imac and switch from windows but i went and bought an ipod and now i cant even purchase a **** song from the itunes store? Really frustrating. Cant anyone help? Yes i downloaded the new version of itunes. As soon as i enter the credit info it says.........We are currently experiancing technical difficulties!!
  • ajscottsr Level 1 Level 1
    Because I cannot load the artwork without being logged into the iTunes Store.

    I apologize for the prior rant. I'm probably making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    But I'm a total experience person. I paid a premium for the experience. And the experience isn't there for me if I have to do without even part of it.

    If nothing else, it's because I'm a perfectionist and it ends up being and all or nothing proposition for me, not matter how much of a false dilemma it may be.

    But the concise issue is that it is still unresolved and I am still getting the same error. I'm unsure where to go or what to do next
  • Mike Johnson12 Level 5 Level 5
    Create a new user account and see if the problem persists. If not then there is a conflict with some software in your account. You will have to go through and see what is causing the conflict.

    If running ShapeShifter - it is a known bad actor with iTunes.

  • nosehead Level 1 Level 1
    ok. just got off the phone with Apple and i am now successfully set up. I was having the same problem as you and find it funny that my problem was solved so easily by just logging directly from the Apple store and storing my credit information there. Once that was set up i then went to itunes login and followed through and FINALLY got a complete account set up. When i tried setting up my account the same way through itunes it would not work so i hope this works for you! It would have saved me a lot of time and frustration if i had just known to do this first.
  • dbeatle123 Level 1 Level 1
    I had the same problem. I had already set up an account in itunes. The account had my email domain on it (i.e. @example.com) however my apple ID did not have the domain (or it seems either can be used). Be sure that you are consistent with using the domain or not it seems. Once I removed the domain from all of my logins (I was trying to register a new iphone and was trying to login) then things should run smoother. It seems the system should be smarter about being able to tell you what the problem is.