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Just in case you face the same problem I have had with a new 24" iMac equiped with a GeForce 8800 GS. I faced a flickering of rectangular areas on the screen in certain applications, the worst being Capture NX 2, but also while scrolling the iTunes Store pages. The problem also implied the smearing of text lines while scrolling rapidly (with the mouse center button) web pages or text files.
I did a safe boot and noted the problem had disapeared. I de-activated Snapz Pro as a starup item and am now working w/o the problem any more. I thought I'd share this. I will contact Ambrosia Software to inform them.

iMac 24" 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.3), 4 Gig RAM
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    The solution is posted.
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    Hello, maybe you've seen the other topic on this board about rectangular areas that flicker.

    I'm wondering what exactly you mean with a 'safe boot'? And this Snapz Pro was an application you installed yourself?

    Could you do me a favour and go into iTunes, then activate visualisation (apple+T i think) and at view go to visualisation and then options.
    You'll get a prompt box. Now check if the OK button is flickering, if so I guess the problem is still there but now in a less annoying way. (will upload a video later on)

    When I look at the other topic I'm getting more and more the idea that this is a hardware problem not a software one. Alltho it has been gone for a while but now it's back, really weird and such a trigger.
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    I guess I was too optimistic, because it's back with me too. What actually worked was the sole rebooting. I put my iMac 24 " 3.06 Gig to sleep, but it seems that under certain conditions at wake up, (to be unveiled), the graphic card or graphic card driver goes mad. The flickering you describe in iTunes, I get it also inside Word 2008 for example. If I reboot, the problem disappears and it seems to get back at some point after a wake-up. I guess I should join the other topic and not open a new thread here.