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IPod screen required a restore. After doing that, I am unable to get all of my music/videos back on the Ipod. A "full sync" only put some of the stuff back. I tried manually dragging and dropping my music but it would only add 60 songs back on the Ipod. I cannot drag and drop any playlists. When I try, the Ipod won't "highlight" when I drag the playlists to it and nothing syncs.

Won't get into my absolute disgust with the lack of any docs about this on the support site. Seems like they feel if the five Rs don't do the trick it is your problem.

Powerbook G3 Pismo, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    An auto sync should put everything that's in your library back on the iPod. But you mention dragging and dropping....which can only be done if you're set to Manually Manage Music. Are you set to Auto Sync or Manually Manage?
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    Actually I have tried both. I also tried a manual sync where you check everything you want to sync.

    Auto-sync worked partially, but only put about 10 or 15 percent of my stuff back on the Ipod. Most of my music, and the one film I had on it before the problem would not sync.

    In the manual mode, I got an error message about some missing files, which I am guessing refeered to some stuff I had moved to an external harddrive since a 20G hard drive and a 30G Ipod are not a perfect match.

    I reimported the stuff that I had moved, but it still gave the same message and still would not completely sync.
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    More fun: I called Apple support. First the guy tells me I need to update my usb driver. Then he says never mind, that is for Windows.

    But he suggested it could be a problem with the latest update of Itunes, which probably needs a faster usb port. He suggested finding an older version of Itunes and installing it.

    A) They ought to give you a warning that the update might cause a problem with an older Mac.
    B) The update was worthless to me anyhow, since it was basically to allow rented video and they don't support that for 5th Gen anyhow
    C) I downloaded ITunes 7.5 and installed it, only to find it would not work because it says my library was created with a newer version of Itunes (can't even create a new library, it simply won't start past that message)

    Oh, but they did tell me I could pay $29 for more help with the problem that apparently they created.

    I wish I could stomach the thought of a Zune because right now I am major P#$%ed off.
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    To downgrade to an earlier version of iTunes, download the version you want. A good resource is: http://www.oldapps.com/downloadiTunesmac.php

    And you need to do the following:

    Go to your hard drive >Library >Receipts and trash the iTunesX.pkg.

    Next, drag your iTunes application to the trash.

    Backup your iTunes Library file and .xml files and any iTS purchases.

    Repair permissions in Disk Utility, then install the desired version of iTunes. Repair permissions again.

    Open the iTunes app. If everything looks good, you can empty the trash.

    I suspect that in your earlier attempt you did not trash the pkg.
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    Thanks DW .... that seems to have worked.

    I had trashed the 7.62 version of Itunes before installing the old version, but did not go through the other steps.

    It looks like I will have to go through the laorious process of recreating all my playlists (lots of live show setlists on my pod), but I now am again able to drag and drop to the pod.

    I am guessing this solution might help a lot of folks who are having similar problems since updating the Itunes software.
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    I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the USB connection on your OS 10.4.6, but I can tell you that system requirements for iTunes 7.6 are Mac OS X 10.3.9 or 10.4.7 or later. I don't know why there's a conflict with earlier versions of 10.4, but apparently there is.

    Be advised, though, that running iTunes 7.5 you will NOT be able to make purchases at the iTunes Store (it requires 7.6). Of course, that may not be an issue for you. But if it is, you might consider upgrading your OS to a later version of 10.4. You should be able to do this for free, but you'll also have to check whether your computer will run the later versions. (There may be a RAM or other requirement that your computer doesn't meet, so just check it out first before you go that route.)
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    Well, it worked for a while, but again tonight when I go to sync some new stuff manually, it does not highlight the Ipod when I try to drag and drop.

    This is ridiculous.
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    Since you're dragging and dropping....are you set to manually manage?
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    Yes, I have always done that and did recheck to make sure the setting had not chnaged by accident somehow.

    Basically I am back to where I was when I first posted this.

    The switch to old software (7.5) seemed to fix it, but now itr is doing the same thing.

    The good news is, I was able to restore my music for the most part before this problem reoccurred, so at least I have jams to listen to. But I cannot add any new music or podcasts now.
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    What BS ... now I try to sync podcasts and instead of adding the ones I did not have on the iPod already, it deleted the ones I did have.

    This *****, and the lack of any answers from Apple is deplorable.

    I hate Microsoft, but I'll be damned if I am going to purchaase a new Mac or any other Apple products given the absolute lack of support.
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    To clarify...an iPod auto sync will cause your iPod to mirror the library on your computer in iTunes. If you did an auto sync and you have removed those podcasts from your library, then an auto sync would certainly remove them from the iPod. On the other hand, if using manually manage music, you could drag and drop certain items onto the iPod without affecting the exising content.