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I have an old ibook on os9. It is not worth rehabbing (the battery is dead, no airport, poor functionality) and I want to toss it or give it away. Before I do either, I would like to wipe it clean but I have no OS disks or anything else.

Should I rip out the insides and toss it, or is there a way to reformat it is anyone else would want it?

ibook OS9, Mac OS 9.0.x
  • Dodger Level 2 (265 points)
    maybe you could sell it on ebay. its worth selling for parts alone. even more so if it still works. a buyer could collect it and maybe format it for you if he has a disk, and most mac owners have one lying about. cant think of anything else, but seems a shame to destroy it as they are generally very sort after.
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    Wow, I did not realize there would be a market fot this, will sell on ebay. Is there there no way to wipe it before I send it to someone?
  • Dodger Level 2 (265 points)
    there is a market as ppl want parts you cant get new like screens or just want a cheap ibook to renovate or get into macs with little expense.

    but im sure you need to boot from an alternative disk (ie an install disk), to format the hd, as otherwise you'd be destroying the very source of the formatting information.
  • Jan Hedlund Level 6 (9,715 points)
    Normally, you would need a bootable (system) CD with Drive Setup or a similar application.

    In this case, what you could do would be to manually move all personal files et cetera to the Trash and then empty the Trash. It is difficult to remember where all important files are (you have to search through a lot of folders), and merely emptying the Trash is not adequate in order to make sure that the information cannot be retrieved. It is possible to delete a lot on the hard disk, as long as at least a basic system folder is there. A program that will erase free space could then be used. There is a freeware utility called Burn 2.5 (it says that it works with Mac OS 8.5; you will have to check whether it can be used with Mac OS 9). If it, for some reason, is not possible to transfer and use the Burn 2.5 program, you could just duplicate a large (not important nor personal) file over and over again until the hard disk is full (this should overwrite most of the previously "erased" data).

    Alternatively, open the iBook (not too easy) and remove the hard drive. Either reformat the drive (e.g., via an external USB 2.0 or FireWire enclosure for 2.5" IDE connected to another computer) or destroy it.

  • bund Level 3 (795 points)
    You can use the freeware DBAN

    Download the image for Apple Power Mac (it is a ISO file)
    and burn a CD - Boot from CD - wipe