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I can't delete the picture in the trash, everytime I try, Iphoto close itself.
I tried to delete the picture one by one, or to move them again in my library for deleting them afterwaeds, it doenst work.
I tried to rebuilt the iphoto library database, but it seems do nothing at all when I ask it.
I tried to use Iphoto diet but it doesnt seem to be abble to empty the trash in any case.

After all my temptations, now all my pictures are in the library, even the one which were in the trash before, but for this one I just have a grey square with an exclamation point in it.
If I try to delete an other photo which was no in the trash, it doesn't work either.
What can I do?
Thanks a lot

Mac book, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Welcome to the Apple user discussion forums

    I am not clear on what you have been trying

    First - it is highly recommended that you never change (including moving, deleting or modifying) anything in the iPhoto library using the finder

    Second you do not use the normal finder trash at all in deleting photos from iPhoto - you use the roll view in iPhoto and drag photos from the library window on the right to the iPhoto trash in the source pane on the left then you empty the iPhoto trash

    This is an indication that iPhoto has lost its connection to the photo - the most common cause of this is user activity within the iPhoto library

    Exactly what did you do in trying to delete? did you use the finder and go directly into the iPhoto library or did you use iPhoto only?

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    I have always used iphoto to change my pictures, and it's the iphoto trash I can't empty.
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    be sure that you are not deleting photos from albums - that only removed them from the album - not the library

    If you click on the iPhoto trash doe it shoe the photos?

    How are you determining that they have not been deleted?

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    Download iPhoto Library Manager and use its rebuild function. This will create a new library based on data in the albumdata.xml file. Not everything will be brought over - no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your albums and keywords back.

    Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one.


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    Right now after everything I tried, my trash is empty and the pictures I deleted in the first place are in my library, maybe they are not in my computer anymore as iphoto can't find them and mark them as a grey square. But anyway I can't delete any picture anymore as everytime I tried to empty the Iphoto trash after deleting the pictures Iphoto quits and I have an error message which says that Iphoto quits, and asks me if I want to open Iphoto again or not.
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    Thank you but I am not sure I will create a new library as I will have all my pictures in a new library and in the old one, and as I can't delete pictures anymore...
    I have saved all the pictures in a hard drive (sorry not sure of the english name, I mean a 200 gigas disk...) just before trying to delete these pictures from my computer. Can I erase this Iphoto and download a new one, maybe my problem will be solved if it's my Iphoto which has a problem.
    Thank you for your answer...
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    I used the command, option, and reverse keys when deleting the pictures from the album, as it deletes them also from the library. It worked before.
    And previously when my photos were in the Iphoto trash, I could't see them, just a grey square. I have done nothing for my pictures to be in the library again. I tried to take them to the library for erasing them again, but when I tried to erase them again, Iphoto quitted. When I opened Iphoto after that the pictures were in the trash.
    I can't remember what I have done just before the photo came back in the library again. But everytime I opened Iphoto after it quits itself, some of the things I have done previously were not taking into account.
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    Thnak you, I have just rebuilt the library. It seems that there is no problems anymore.

    But my first problem was a lack of space in my computer, but now I have an album with all my pictures, my library, and all the albums I had before. Am I wrong in saying that when I create an album, I am creating a copy of each photo?
    Because it seems than my images take the double of space than before rebuilting the library. If it's right, if I delete the album with all the picures for exemple, will I have more space in my laptop after that?

    Thanks a lot for your answer.
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    Am I wrong in saying that when I create an album, I am creating a copy of each photo?

    Yes you are wrong - creating an album only creates a pointer to the photo stored in your library and does not take any space - you can place a photo in as many albums as you want with no space penalty

    When you edit a photo it creates one copy - never any additional copies

    One quick way to gain some space is to remove un-needed language support - give monolingual a try - http://monolingual.sourceforge.net/

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    I rebuilt my library with library iphoto manager and delete the old one and everything work now
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