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I spilled a little bit of soda on the right side of my Macbook Pro and I dried it up as much as I could immediately after and all the keys were working fine. The next morning, the return key, right shift key and arrows keys don't work. Then last night, the return key was working again, but today it's not. I popped off the affected keys and cleaned whatever I saw but it's still not working.

Is it possible that the keys will work again after a few days once whatever soda is left in there dries up? The keyboard backlight is very dim in the area that the soda spilled. Anyone that knows anything about this would be very helpful. I don't have AppleCare and it is no longer under warranty. I also don't feel brave enough to take it apart and remove the keyboard for cleaning.

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Macbook Pro - Intel Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    It wouldn't be covered under AppleCare anyway. If this was a drink with sugar in it even drying is probably going to leave damage. I'd try to find a 3rd party repair place in your area that works on Macs and take it to them for repair.