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Hi, it appears that iCal 3.0.3 no longer allows me to specify that a meeting should only recur on weekdays. In iCal 3.0.2, if you chose custom recurrence, you could pick the days of the week when a meeting recurs. Now, I can only say the meeting recurs every X days.

Apple, please fix this! I'm sure you were working around some bug with these custom recurrences, but it's incredibly annoying to have to have my meetings send off alarms on days when I don't actually have the meetings. I know I can set up 5 meetings that recur weekly, but that's obviously also very annoying since I regularly update the list of invited attendees, etc.

Anyone have any ideas how to work around this for now? Anyone know how to downgrade to iCal 3.0.2? Thanks.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.3), iCal 3.0.3