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I have a MacBook Pro with a warranty which expired on june 03 2008. The battery is quite weak and works on less than 20% of its capacity. The System profiler shows its capacity is less or arround 1300 mAh, which is quite bellow the original 5200. The Apple authorized services in the country I am just refused to replace it abd this battery in Europe is **** expensiuve - about 150 euro.

Anyway, the price is not that much of an the issue, but my point is that the battery was damaged before the expiration of the warranty, but I hardly noticed it since I work mainly on external power supply.

Is there any way and whom should I contact to try to settle this? Or I better forget about customer service and buy myself a new battery?


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    Batteries aren't covered by Apple's warranty. If something extreme happened, like caught on fire, then you might be able to get away with a repair. But, AFAIK the only choice you have is to buy a new battery. These rechargeable batteries die over time.

    How many cycle counts has the battery been through?
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    I refuse to accept that logic!

    I had a MacBook prior to MacBook Pro. The Macbook battery had 60-70 cycles and after an software update it just started alternating between 99 and 100% of charging and the power supply plug was glowing red-green constantly...

    This computer's battery has 52 cycles ONLY! And it work on about 1600 mAh capacity. The battery IS part of the computer, so the defects shown by the batteries SHOULD be covered by the warranty.

    Any other logic is too microsoft-ian.

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    Hi Asen

    Apple should replace your battery as it is displaying a low charge capacity. Batteries should retain about 80% of their charge capacity for 300 cycles.

    Have a read of these two articles to see if they apply to you

    Hope this helps
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    Yes! This is my point but the Bulgarian authorized services just refuse to do so, forcing me to by new one since I approached them few days after the actual expiration of the warranty. My point is that the problem DID apear BEFORE the expiration of the warranty. That is why I want to bypass them and contact some Apple Customer Service Global.

    It is a question of principles after all! No?
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    Another problem is that my battery is of the same model, but the serial N differs a little bit. It has a bit different ending of the serial N. So, what shall I do if the problem is there and if it is the same as described at the links u gave me?
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    We need to know the answer to jk_baller23's question:

    How many cycle counts has the battery been through?
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    Ahhh, apologies, I see that you did - 52. You'll need to try again with Apple, as I stated in the other similar thread.

    Note that for warranty service, the problem must be reported to the manufacturer during the warranty period - that's stated in the text of the warranty (else, anyone at any time could say "well, you know, I did see this problem a year ago, when I was in warranty, I just didn't bring it in, so can you fix it for free?"; yes, I know it's days for you, not years, but the line must be drawn somewhere, and in this case, that line is +one year from the date of purchase+ ).
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    See, I agree to the logic of protecting the company against the "permanent returners" but I live outside US. I reported the problem JUST few days after the warranty expired. Not months, not even weeks. Plus, I report a well known issue. I don't report
    "my flashed dvd drive don't respond". I report an issue well known to all there. And even more, there is an official Apple policy. The only problem is MY serial number differs from those, mentioned on the announce. The model is the SAME.

    I do believe it will be fair to all of us, having this problem.

    Again: it is not a point of me saving 150 euro (which is the price of the battery in Europe. And compare this price to the US price. See how much do the resellers get? Shall I give you the MacBook Pro euro prices? You'll be amazed.) The point is about principles. I don't accept that 4-5 days in this case matter. And, yes! As much I am happy with the mac hardware and mac software, that much I am disappointed of this incident... It's a brand new battery after all. Just 52 cycles.

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    I don't accept that 4-5 days in this case matter.

    Unfortunately, you have no choice. Read the warranty, which states "...a period of ONE (1) YEAR from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser (“Warranty Period”). If a hardware defect arises and _a valid claim is received within the Warranty Period_..."

    The law doesn't care whether you're disappointed or not. You have one year to report the problem. Not one year and two days. Not one year and four days. One year. So, you see, the 4-5 days in this case matters.

    Having said that, call them again and ask nicely. Maybe they will help you out. Good luck!
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    Thanks buddy! Don't get me wrong. I have no doubts 'bout Apple being years ahead of any other hard and software in their customer care. And yes, I am very polite to all those guys from my repair station. But I don't know whom shall I contact further. being disappointed does not make me impolite. But I don't accept being cut off buy them without listening me and without trying to understand what the problem is.

    Thanks again for taking your time.