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I moved a recorded phone call from my cell phone to my computer. The file is 90183.qcp . iTunes won't play it and nothing I have can play it (VLC won't even play it). iSoundFile won't recognize it as a convertible audio file.

How do I play this qcp file? Or, How do I convert this qcp file?

The phone manual says nothing about it. (Its an LG 8600)

Mac OS X (10.4.10), 20" iMac 2.4GHz
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    You could try SoundConverter, though it doesn't explicitly list qcp as a supported format. You may also be able to use this site:


    to convert it. Select PureVoice File under the Sound section for the input format.

    Hope this helps.
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    media-convert.com tried to convert it but resulted in "Error while converting"

    SoundConverter is a nice application, but it won't convert from qcp.
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    From Wikipedia:

    "The QCP file format is used by many cellular telephone manufacturers for providing voice ring tones. It is based on RIFF, a generic format for storing chunks of data identified by tags. The QCP format does not specify how voice data in the file is encoded. Rather, it defines sets of meta-data which identify the encoding scheme used, where individual chunks of the encoded voice data are stored in the file, and supplementary information such as indexing points and text labels. Typical encoding schemes used in QCP files are QCELP and EVRC.

    QCP files created by the Voice Memo feature on a Palm Treo can be played without conversion by Windows Media Player if the file is renamed with a WAV extension. Some other audio file players, such as Real Player, can not play these files, and Windows Media Player won't play them unless the extension is changed to WAV.

    However, this technique won't work on all phones, specifically an LG VX8300 using Verizon Wireless, as well as a Motorola Razr V3m using Alltel. There is a work-around that does work, and may be a useful alternative on other phones. If you take the sound file, and email it to yourself directly from your phone, something along the way (your mobile phone provider, i.e. Verizon Wireless) translates it to a WAV file, and makes it an attachment to the email. You can then play the WAV attachment directly in Windows Media Player.

    This workaround does require a plan that allows email, may be slower than directly accessing the file on the phone, and may incur extra charges from the provider."
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    I had already read that in wikipedia and tried one of the workarounds and it didn't work. I tried changing the extension to WAV, WMV, and wma and none worked. I don't want to get charged for sending an email to myself, plus my phone can't send emails anyways I don't think.

    Its weird that there are many applications out there that can convert all kinds of audio files to qcp files, but not the reverse. media-convert.com seems to be the only thing out there that would solve my problem, yet it does not work!
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    I still need the qcp file converted and haven't found a solution yet! Can anybody help????
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    I was able to get it to work with the trial version of Amadeus (http://www.hairersoft.com/AmadeusPro/AmadeusPro.html). I don't know if there's a better option.
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    i tried what dave sawyer said to do and it worked great for me
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    The trick of changing the extension to .wav didn't work for me either, I tried both WMP 9 and 11. And aside from the hassle of using a web-based file converter, I felt a little weird about uploading my deep, precious thoughts and/or ridiculous tunes to a random website. Finally I found a piece of software that would convert .qcp files:
    http://www.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Audio/Audio-Editors-Recorders/PureVoice. shtml

    You'll have to fire up your least-unfavorite Windows emulator to run it, and the interface is a little weird (you have to open the file, then stop the file if it's playing, then go to file->convert to save it as a WAV; the convert option is dimmed while the file is playing). But it works!
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    Just to be clear, here's the process you have to follow to export a WAV file from the PureVoice app:
    1. Open the .qcp (double-clicking should automatically open it in the app)
    2. Stop the .qcp if it's playing (otherwise the convert option will be dimmed)
    3. Select file -> convert to convert it to a WAV
    4. THEN Save As... (the file will now automatically save as a WAV)

    You can't just go directly to Save As... because there's no option to save as a WAV until after you convert.

    (In key commands, steps 2-4 are F7, shift-alt-C, ctrl-S.)
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    I was able to get media-convert.com to convert .qcp to .mp3 without a hitch. I used Constant Bitrate - Auto as my settings.

    However, this is kind of slow if you have more than one file; because I do, I am using Peak Pro from Bias to convert the rest of my qcp files.

    If you convert to .mov in Peak it will prompt you to save at the original compression rate, meaning efficient size and lossless conversion from the original. I'm not sure if media-convert can offer that. Then again, considering the quality of Qualcomm's codec, conversion losses probably won't be your biggest headache...
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    Found the answer on some other forum. Launch Quicktime from your CLASSIC OS folder. Open the qcp file from the Quicktime menu and it will then convert it to and save it as a Quicktime movie. I have Quicktime V.6 and it worked like a charm.
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    go to this link and you can download what you need
    the link is http://www.qctconnect.com/products/purevoice_downloads.html

    purevoice has the software for a mac and windows but it will only convert 30 files then they
    want you to buy it.
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    Above Link Only works in classic.
    Not for 10 +
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    I tried the trial version of Amadeus and it wouldn't open my qcp file from my Verizon LG11000. I also tried media-convertor and that never work no matter how many times I tried. I have quite a few lectures I need to save to my iPod. Is there another way to do this. I also tried Switch but I cannot find version 1.5.2 that someone said would work on their site.