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I've had my iPhone since November and swapped it out last week for a new one. Since swapping it out, I can receive my Go Daddy email but errors come up whenever I try to send emails. I've tried ports 25, 80 and 3535 and have tried all of the hints on the troubleshooting... Can anyone help me? It is very frustrating not being able to send email!


Mac OS X (10.5.3)
  • abellan Level 4 Level 4 (1,235 points)
    What are the errors you are seeing?
  • CE88888 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    The message attempts to send and then the following message appears:

    Cannot Send Mail

    Check the account settings for the outgoing server ""

  • Dave Z Level 1 Level 1 (60 points)
    I assume you've tried the setup instructions here:
  • netGuru Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    Go into Advanced under Settings/Mail for that GoDaddy Account.

    Make sure you are using for mail server "":

    Outgoing Settings
    Use SSL - OFF (only way I got it to work is by turning it off)
    Authentication - Password
    Server Port - 80

    These work for me while on Edge haven't tried on my WiFi network.


  • CE88888 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for the feedback but it still doesn't work. I've tried outgoing servers 80, 25 & 3535. Any other tips are appreciated. Thanks!
  • Dave Z Level 1 Level 1 (60 points)
    Have you tried deleting the account on the iPhone and creating it anew?

    Do other e-mail accounts (GMail, your ISPs, etc.) work?

    Have you contacted GoDaddy for support?
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    Did you ever get your Go Daddy outbound mail to work from your iPhone?

    I have the same issue with my GoDaddy account, although and gmail work fine. I tried 80, 25 and 3535, I tried ports 465 and 587, I tried deleting the account and reentering the info per GoDaddy's instructions. No change. I called GoDaddy and they suggested using a webapp on Safari. Not helpful.

    If I don't figure this out soon, I think I'm going to simply redirect all my godaddy mail to my address and stop wasting time on this. Don't ask why I have so many accounts.

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    GoDaddy requires that you allocate SMTP relays to the mail account if you are going to use SMTPOUT.SECURESERVER.NET to send mail. Most GoDaddy mail plans have a certain number of relays included per day, but they must be allocated to mail accounts by the administrator of your domain.
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    That may be an important clue. I'll follow up in the morning.
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    i've had the same issue. Actually since the 2.0 update my phone has been really buggy. It shuts off for no reason, delays in voice mail, calls drop...lots of weird stuff. I had to reset my settings and couldn't even keep my backup for it to work properly. Now my godaddy account will not work at all. I've used all settings and it is not wanting to connect. It appears there may be some issues with 2.0 and the non-3gs, I've had other friends with the same issues.
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    Same problem here! could somebody briefly explain the relay thing and how that may affect the ability to send emails through the iPhone?
  • caa100 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Pop mail is sent using the smtp protocol. SMTP servers take your message and relay it, until it reaches the mail server of the recipient. Mail providers supply an smtp server for outgoing mail. However, with a home computer , most people send pop mail through their ISP's SMTP server. In fact, many ISPs will block attempts to use an external SMTP server.

    If you have a mail account hosted by godaddy, they provide the option of sending mail through their SMTP server. To use it, the keeper of the godaddy account must enable your email address to use by setting a quota. This is not enabled by default on the godaddy side,since most people are able to use their ISPs SMTP server to send godaddy mail.

    Just to make things more complex: Some ISPs block use of external smtp servers by disabling the ports that they operate over. So if you are on wifi, you may have issues that you do not experience when using edge or 3g.

    So: you can also try your ISPs SMTP server. There is also one from AT&T which will only work when you are on edge or 3g. I forgot the address but I will post it later.
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    Honestly I do not think the relay is the issue since everything worked prior to the 2.0 update. For some this may be the issue, however for previous owners of the iPhone I think it is just a bug that is not fixed yet.
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    My issue has been sort of the same. Kept getting the email address is invalid. I think I figured it out though. When my Iphone tries to send the email, it uses the display name, not the actual email address on the header. When it then tries to push the email through Go Daddy, GD can't recognize the display name as a valid email address. UNLESS you have a duplicate email address saved in your GD address book as well. If your Iphone/outlook contacts don't match your GD address book then you're in trouble. I did a manual upload of my outlook addresses to my GD address book and it worked fine. Only problem is I constantly add new addressed and doing that upload is a pain in the A$$.
    I'd be interested to know if this helps anyone else....
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