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  • Timothy Kirkpatrick Level 1 Level 1
    clarineting's solution via AppleCare worked for me: i.e. shut down the computer, unplug for one minute, restart and re-pair
  • z120u Level 1 Level 1
    Same Problem here! I think it's not a pairing problem, but rather a hardware problem.

    Did you find a solution? I desperately trying to find help online but nothing yet...
  • jonesgw Level 1 Level 1
    I have this same problem, keyboard won't come on at all after replacing the batteries in the right direction. No lights no nothing. Any ideas other then to replace the keyboard?

  • iammime Level 1 Level 1
    Has anyone resolved this... I've had my keyboard just over a year now... so i am guessing i can't take it back... not like it is really cheap to replace either (not happy!)
  • Guillem Mendia1 Level 1 Level 1
    other with the same problem....

    is 8 months older...
  • GENERAL LUDD Level 1 Level 1
    Hello: I just bought the aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard MB167LLA. I found problems with the instruction manual (who writes this stuff?)

    1. It apparently assumes i'm installing this with a brand new computer. It doesn't address the most common (and logical) condition of having a working machine up and running. You do not get a setup assistant when you start up a machine that has already been set up.

    2. I did the update and also the firmware update (blue tooth or keyboard was murky) which the detailed instructions in this support site that i looked up later indicate aren't necessary.

    3. The light came on and flashed in a couple of instances but once i got the "Congratulations" message it went out and would not turn on again

    4. Only way i could get back to a semblance of hope was to remove the batteries and reinsert. I noticed that the "setup assistant" (actually in the keyboard preferences) under device select shows my keyboard name and a green batteries bar so i must be paired. But the keyboard will not turn on.

    5. I have come to the conclusion that the keyboard must be defective out of the box and plan to ask for another or a refund.

    Any other suggestions???? Like how do i undo any stuff that i did wrong?
  • Shaun Guth Level 1 Level 1
    Mine is dead I guess I'll call apple support tomorrow. I haven't used it in a few weeks, and I've tried 3 new sets of batteries to no avail. The power light never turns on to indicate that it's working.

    Edit: Never mind, I tried a set of non-rechargeables and it worked! All three sets of rechargeable batteries are good (verified in my charger), very odd!

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  • wfung1 Level 1 Level 1
    I had the same problem. Check inside the battery compartment - there might be a small plastic cap in there that blocks the battery from making contact with the metal at the other end. Try removing that plastic to get the keyboard working again.

    Hope it helps.
  • CA-DFC Level 1 Level 1
    Exactly the same problem here,
    White Extended Wireless Keyboard..
    Updated to 10.5.6
    Restarted Mac;
    Received the Low Battery Warning in Keyboard,
    Replaced batteries, initial flash of green light and then nothing,
    Now will not turn on,
    Have tried many different types of batteries, Eveready, Duracel, Energizer and same story,
    no light coming on...
    I have the exact same Keyboard wired so no big drama but upsetting,
    I treat all my hardware like a gold,
    I have UPS's on them, everything to maintain their life span.
    Would also like to know what is going on..
    Come on Apple respond to these posts..!
  • petergole Level 1 Level 1
    I've had the same problem. The low battery message came up, I unscrewed the metal cap on the battery compartment, let the batteries come out, and for the first time, I discovered this grey plastic cap, that for some reason came out together with the batteries. I didn't know how to put it back, and figured it had to go first, and the three batteries second. I must have done it wrong, because my keyboard won't power up anymore when I press the power switch. And now, this **** plastic cap is stuck at the bottom of the battery compartment. No way to remove it. I put it with its hole facing down. Should I have placed it the other way around? Has anybody found a suitable way for removing it?
  • Meredith Kirn Level 1 Level 1
    I also had the same problem - it wouldn't turn on after changing the batteries 3 or 4 different times, nor would it keep a connection/pair with my MacBook. Called Apple Care, and talked to 6 different people - neither knew what was wrong, so sent a replacement, and arrived the next day. When I received the replacement, it was the white, plastic wireless keyboard with the numeric keypad on it, which was the wrong keyboard first of all. Called again after opening the wrong keyboard, and hopefully they send the RIGHT keyboard to me. Also was charged $ 59.00 temporarily for returning/exchanging it, even though it is covered by my Apple Care Plan. DOESN'T MAKE SENSE APPLE.
  • mseilnacht Level 1 Level 1
    I ran into a similar issue tonight. My keyboard is pretty much left on all of the time. Tonight I came home and it was not working and new batteries did not help either. On closer inspection of the contacts in the battery compartment I noticed a slight dis-colorization. A little scraping with a razor knife and the light comes on again. The problem in my case appears to have been a little oxidization of the battery contacts.

    BTW - my keyboard is well out of warranty and no longer under AppleCare.
  • Adama_ Level 1 Level 1
    Same happened here today. I'm started to get really frustrated to this ****. Almost every week there is something wrong in my macs. Wireless KB lasted two weeks over one year. What a piece of crap.
  • Meredith Kirn Level 1 Level 1
    Well my issue with this is still ongoing. First, I called about 3 wks ago and they sent me a replacement, which came to me and it was the wrong keyboard (it was the plastic wireless with the numeric pad) 2 x's. Finally they sent the right one, and wouldn't pair at all, so I called and worked with a Tech Support person for 3 days, and had to archive and install everything, which didn't work. Finally, we concluded it was my Bluetooth card was shot, and needed to be replaced. Sent it in, and got it back, and still would not pair. They didn't "replace" my bluetooth card, just updated the software, which I could have done. Called Apple Care the next morning, and was told it wasn't the keyboard, but my computer! Duh! That's what I had been trying to tell them. I asked if upgrading to Leopard would possibly fix the problem, which did not - which by the way, they sent me Leopard for Free b/c I had been on the phone so much with Apple. If feels like I am back at square 1 with them over this issue. Will this problem ever get resolved?? I asked if they could possibly exchange my computer for a new one, but was told that this WASN'T A HARDWARE ISSUE, so they COULD NOT DO IT. I truly believe it is, b/c as I was looking at my information, IS BLUETOOTH NOT LISTED UNDER HARDWARE, or what? This is ridiculous.
  • arthurc Level 1 Level 1
    Same thing today. Low battery warning on the wireless keyboard (model A1255). Replacing them resulted in a keyboard that would not power on (no green light on power button press). One of the posts indicated it was a bad battery contact on the + terminal (thanks for the clue!). Looking down the tube, there is indeed a plastic ring that the battery rests on. I took a paper clip and created a small spiral of metal and snipped off the remainder. I dropped it down the tube and rattled it around to fall into the hole. Dropped in the fresh batteries and voila... it works. YMMV.

    In general Apple stuff is pretty well built. I'm surprised that something so trivial is happening.
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