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    I just had this same problem this morning December 12, 2013. I did what I have often done with electrical things like this. I took a common lead pencil with a good eraser on one end and then roughed up the eraser so it was fresh and clean. Then I inserted the pencil down the tube in the wireless keyboard and turned it around a number of times while pressing firmly. This cleans off any oxidation on the lower battery terminal. Then I took the end piece that screws in and closes the battery compartment and do the same thing cleaning the contact area thoroughly with the pencil eraser. Presto it worked perfectly. Even when something looks clean and shiny this often works. There might of been some oil from your hands something you couldn't have seen. In any case give it a try good luck. Randy in Arizona

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    if you're having trouble restarting your imac keyboard after replacing the batteries just look at the opposite side of the keyboard where you installed the new batteries and there's a power button...just press it and there you go....I do suggest that after replacing the batteries you unplug the imac for about a minute first....I hope this helps

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    Tin foil trick work for me!

    Thanks McGyver!

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    i faced the same problem with the 2-battery mini keyboard of apple, before i have had changed the batteries for few times, i have this keyboard for 4 years now, but this time after changing the batteries it was not responding to press of the ON/OFF button, it was dead-stone.


    i went through the posts here and tried few of the solutions, the one which saved me was to use a small piece of conductore/Aluminum foil ball or in my case i cut small portion of electric cable removed the insulator and made it as a ball placed it inside of the battery hole (in the centre of the connector at the end, it is quite simple since there is a small round shape recession there then very carefully i placed the batteries and here now i am posting this messafe using my wireless keyboard.

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    I have a wireless keyboard that would not turn on after replacing the batteries.  I read through everyone's comments.  The batteries obviously are not the issues but the connection hardware inside the battery compartment.  With a flashlight, eraser and a pari of pointy scissors I cleaned, poked, scraped the metal piece and then when I inserted the batteries, I added a little pressure to make sure they were snug.  For what ever reason that did the trick and it is working!

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    Omg. The tin foil method worked like a charm. I just folded a small piece of it, put it in the tube, put the batteries in and voila! The light came on!!!! Thank you so much for the tip. Save me some money as I was determined to go buy a new keyboard today.

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    mirabiledictu Thank you

    I spent hours doing various things that worked for people on here. The only difference was that the indicator light was coming on for seconds and going off again. After reading your post I went for a ramble around the house and turned off the bluetooth on my phone and on my IPad. Success straight away. It paired up

    I was not impressed that it cost me so much time but thank you as you got me sorted

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    Thanks, daStevo, for the easy solution! Same happened with my keyboard a few secs ago.


    Mine is a couple of years old and has gone through several battery changes with no problems until now. I balled up a 1/2-inch square of foil into a small pea and dropped it to the end of the tube, but that didn't work. Then balled up an inch-square into a loose large pea, dropped it in, had to work to get the top screwed on -- and presto. So, if this solution doesn't work the first time, try again.


    Love these forums, as calling Apple for any solutions typically is a nightmarish maze of circles and dead ends, often concluding with them announcing that you must pay to go further. This I won't do, as when I've called it's been over an issue of flaw in design. Well done, daStevo!

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    rebhen - Same experience as you.


    Had to try a couple of times. Finally worked when I took a larger piece of foil and shaped it into a small "coin" about the same diameter of a battery and about 1mm thick.


    Thanks, everyone for the details.

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    The placing of foil at end of battery compartment works.  So happy.  Everyone just try this. 

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    Thanks! In addition to the metal foil, I had to put an earring back in now too. Good lord, what's next?

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    Thanks! just turned off the iPad and didn't have to resort to bits of foil. Worked right away.

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    I have the exact same problem, but with the Magic Trackpad. But it is the same batteryinput. Why do Apple not make a "callback"..



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    Aluminum foil ball worked.  Literally put it in the battery compartment while saying, "there is no way this is going to work" to myself.  Worked immediately.  Thanks for the tip!!