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I set up my classic on windows xp. I also have itunes on my mac. I think i disconnected improperly when I tried the mac. All the music and content are gone from the classic. Now neither the mac or the window machine will recognize the ipod. The ipod icon appears on the mac desktop, but not in itunes. How do I get itunes to recognize the machine when its plugged in?

g4, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Are you focusing on the Mac or the PC at this point?

    Regarding your Mac, I'd suggest resetting the iPod and restarting the computer.
    - Reset the iPod: Ensure the HOLD switch is OFF so that there is NO orange color showing beneath the switch. Then, press and hold the MENU and the SELECT (center) buttons together for about 10 seconds, until you see an Apple logo. When you see the Apple, let go of the buttons and the iPod will restart itself.

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    Hi GC,

    Thank you for responding to my question. I am focusing now on the PC. The problem occurred when I connected the PC-formated ipod classic to my mac G4. I reset the ipod exactly as you indicated in your post to me. Finally the mac itunes recognized the ipod but set I had to reset it: click the reset button on the summary page. But there was no reset button and a note said it could only reset on ipods formatted for mac. The ipod is formatted for the PC. So I left the mac, never to return I think.

    So I am on the PC and itunes won't recognize it. The PC recognizes the ipod OK, but not Itunes. What do I have to do to get recognition? All the music and video content is gone, which is OK because I can resync with the files in the PC, once all is well.

    What do I do? I was tempted to reformt the disk, in My Computer, but this may destroy the ipod internal software. Help!

    I like your bunnies.

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    True, a Mac can only update the software on an iPod if it is formatted for Mac. But the iPod (even in PC format) can still be read and written to on the Mac, albeit slightly slower.

    Is your iTunes on your PC up to date?
    In iTunes, click Help > About iTunes and check the number in the first line of scrolling text
    If it's anything less than 7.6.2, update it: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

    Does the iPod show 'connected' when you plug it in?
    If not, try this document: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538

    I'd also suggest changing your iPod's drive letter: