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Hey all,

I have a 10.4.11 server (Dual 2GHz G5 Xserve) that I use to share files via AFP. For some reason, the AFP service has stopped functioning! A couple days ago, when I'd try to connect to an AFP share on this server, I'd get a weird error message. The message only contained a number and stupid me did not write it down! It was like -14xxxx. Anywho, for the heck of it I rebooted the server. No luck. I tried looking in the AFP error log via Server Admin and that didn't turn anything up (the newest entry is from May!). I also tried looking in various logs via the Console, and I couldn't turn up anything.

If I try to start the service, it'll act like it is starting but never actually start and eventually show up as stopped. If it makes a difference, I had noticed that the AFP service was periodically sucking up almost all of CPU 2.

Any help would be appreciated.


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    No idea on "Server", but generally on Client, it's one or more of these files that need trashing...



    The 1st one is a biggie... holds many, many settings, the 2nd alone may do it by itself... reboot needed.