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My phone says I have the headphnes in but I don't. I've tried putting the headphones back in several times and taking them out, I've tried restarting it, and I've restored it. Nothing works!

Windows Vista
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    When you restored your iPhone, did you restore from backup or set it up as a new phone. There could be a corrupt/damaged file on the iPhone that's giving you this issue. If you restored from backup, you may have put the file in question right back on the phone with the backup. So if you haven't already, I'd advise restoring the iPhone and setting it up as a new phone. Further, don't sync anything to the iPhone and see if that helps the situation.

    If you're having trouble beyond restoring and setting up as a new phone, you may want to set up a Mac Genius appointment to have the hardware assessed (http://apple.com/retail) or give AppleCare a call.
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    Try the following steps in the following order and let us know how it turns out

    1. Reboot iPhone - Hold down the home button & sleep wake button together till you see a silver apple logo then let go. Allow iPhone OS to reboot

    2. Take the audio headset you have. Clean the connector with a soft dry cloth. Now insert it in and out of the audio jack 10 to 15 times. Clean the connector after each insert so none of the small particles go back into the audio jack.

    3. Hold the iPhone upside down at an angle. Now blow into the audio jack and any small particles show blow out. Or if you got a can of compressed air do a couple quick sprays into the audio jack. Do not hold the compressed air can upside down. Please read the can for proper usage instructions.

    4. Go to Settings - General - Bluetooth - Turn it ON then OFF - then Back ON then OFF and see what happens next

    If possible connect a BT headset to iPhone, Test it out, Then turn off the Blue Tooth Service

    5. Restore iPhone one last time and setup as new iPhone. Please backup all content before restoring as a restore will erase all data.

    If a restore still does not fix it please call iphone technical support for repair options.