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Nancy Turner Level 1 Level 1
I have a 40 gig ipod, I bought in 2005. Lately, it has been freezing up frequently, but I can always get it started by resetting it. Now, I try to reset it, and the Apple Icon shows up, but it never starts, it makes a whirring, clicking noise. Eventually, an outline of a file folder, with an exclamation point inside a triangle shows up, and fades away. Still, no music. Anyone with help ideas? Thanks ahead of time!

Windows XP
  • ouimetnick Level 2 Level 2
    1st Off Apple did NOT make any 40GB iPod Mini they had a 4GB and 6GB.
    You may have a 4th Gen 40GB iPod. Anyway The sound you get is the clicking of the iPod's Hard Drive. Or in other words you iPod's Hard Drive is most likley dead.

    Try restoring. Hold down the munu and center button and then when the apple logo appears hold down the center button AND play/pause button to try disc mode then restore. If it does not work you iPod is just DEAD! Last resort is holding the center button And the menu untill apple logo appears then center and the left arrow to pull up the troble shooting screen. Use the arrows to navagate.

    The ONLY other thing known to human is to take apart your ipod. This WILL KILL your warrenty and try reseating the hard drive cable/ribbin on the Hard drive AND mother board.

    Hope This Helps,
    Nicholas O