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Hello again,

So I've made a DVD menu from within FCP utilizing two separate Motion Templates, however, now I don't know how to add buttons. I want the buttons to do some cool transition on, like a flip or roll, so I thought I'd apply it in FCP, then export the movie for the DVD menu. The question is how will I be able to select those options as buttons, and how would I go about making the overlays/highlights? I'm posting here in the Final Cut forum because this is more about the creation and export in FCP than the buttons themselves in DVDSP. Worst case scenario, I could always just make each "button" text in FCP and export them individually and apply them to the DVD menu individually, then just make an overlay file separately in Photoshop, but to me that seems like the long way to do so.

Thanks for any ideas,

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    I would make the buttons in DVDSP, or make the shapes in photoshop and bring them in to DVDSP. Use DVDSP to apply all the rollover states. You could add the text either in fcp or if you want the text to highlight as well as the button, do the text in dvdsp. There is really a lot of control available in that program, but sometimes you'll run into a really simple lack of functionality that will puzzle you. Menu building is a LOT like building a website, if you've ever done that.

    I had one client who wanted the buttons to be miniature video clips constantly playing. and there were 12 of them on a page. I thought it was a tad distracting- but he and his company loved it. Go figure.