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I recently performed a software update on my macbook. There were a few things to install, so i did. (itunes, quicktime and security updates). Everything was running smoothly until today. My wireless keyboard's numpad (right part of keyboard 0-9) stopped working.
But even worst, when i press the numlock key and a few number keys from the numpad as a simple test in TextEdit, my wireless mouse's click functions stop working (i can still move the mouse around but cant click anything) and there's nothing i can do about it i even tried to use a wired mouse but it still disables the click function!!
My mac feels like its frozen, the dock wont come up if i bring my cursor over. (but it will if i press ctrl+f3)

At this point i either reboot or wait and toggle with the keyboard some more... sometimes it comes back... but most times i just flush everything.

Once rebooted, everything works great again. Until i start messing around with the numpad... i did a few tests and realized that when i use calculator mode the key 7 is the only one that seems to work but...
(just did that same test again and now 7's dead but 3 is alive!)
...strangely none of those keys work in TextEdit.

To draw the picture:
Starting from the top left of the numpad area:

All the "volume" and "eject" keys at the top work.
don't know about the "numlock" key but the "=", "/" and "*" work fine
7, 8, 9 dont work but "-" works
4, 5, 6 dont work but "+" works
1, 2, 3, 0 and ";" dont work but "enter" works

Thats pretty much it... anyway i just hope its something simple... maybe i toggled some weird keyboard mode by accident...

Thanks for your time!


MacBook - 2 Ghz intel Core 2 Duo - 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, Mac OS X (10.4.11)