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I recently purchased--not rented--a movie from iTunes. It plays fine in iTunes itself, but when I try to watch it on my iPod, it does the following:

1. Shows the "loading" screen for a bit
2. Shows a plain black screen for a bit
3. Goes back to the movies menu

This only happens with the one movie, and I have several other videos on my iPod. Why is it doing this, and how can I fix it?

5th generation 30GB iPod video, Windows XP, iTunes version - 7.0
  • save ferris Level 1 (5 points)
    im having the same issue. its because the video codec is h.264 or h.263 instead of mpeg-4. does anyone know of any good converters to help solve this? i dont believe itunes is able to do the conversion

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    Odd. For me, the summary on iTunes says it's an MPEG-4 file. But I suppose it could be wrong. How'd you find that out for your movie?

    In any case, if that's the problem, I'm sure you can find something online. Google it.
  • Jeff Bryan Level 9 (61,790 points)
    If it's an iTunes purchased movie, it's already iPod compatible and does not need converting (which you couldn't do anyway since the movie would "protected").

    See if this helps: iPod does not play content purchased from the iTMS.
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    i dont know if this makes any difference but all the videos play fine on my iphone. its only on my 5G ipod video where this problem occurs

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    mine had the same problem. my firend did too and she told me to let the battery die. like completely so your ipod wont even turn on. then recharge the battery. now my videos work completly fine now. i also had a problem with charging and let the battery run dry then recharged it and it works fine. hope this works!
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    This just happenned to me and I went to itunes, connected my ipod, went to the summary tab and clicked "check for updates". Download updates!

    There was an update for my IPOD i needed. Once I installed the update my movie played fine on my video ipod.

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    i have purchased music videos and other movies on my 30gb and they play in itunes but when i try to play them on the ipod it freezes and i have to restart it. i have tried restoring it and it didnt do anything what can i do to make it play the video? the music on the ipod still works the only problem is with the video.