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I am trying to delete songs on my newly purchased Ipod Touch, and Itunes instructions say to:

Connect your iPod to your computer.

When the iPod icon appears in iTunes, select it.

If the disclosure triangle to the left of your iPod is closed, click it so that you can see the iPod contents.

Select the item you want to delete and press the Delete key.

However when I click the disclosure triangle the contents of my Ipod are grayed out in Itunes, and I cannot delete or otherwise manipulate the contents. How can I get Itunes to allow me to manipulate items on my Ipod Touch?

Also I have some songs thats were imported from Windows Media Player that had Album artwork. When I tranfered to Itunes the album artwork disappeared and when I press "Get Album Artwork", Itunes can't find the artwork (I've never had this problem with Window Media Player).

I've tried manually dragging and dropping artwork into the blank album covers in Itunes to no avail. How can I add new Cover Art to Itunes, and then tranfer it my Ipod touch?

Dell Inspiron 530, Windows Vista, Ipod Touch
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    Hello, and Welcome to Apple Discussions,

    for you to be able to add and delete songs, you need to enable "Manually Manage" on your iPod. Click on it as described, on the right check the little box on the bottom of the General tab. Or, if you still want the sync to be automatic, tell iTunes which playlists to sync on the Music tab. I find this to be much more convenient, as any changes in these playlists will automatically reflect on the iPod.
    As for the artwork, mark all the songs from one album, right-click -> Get Info and paste the artwork in its field.
    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you Bottlerboi,

    Checking Manually Manage on the Ipod allowed me to manipulate items on my touch, and using the Get Info tab allowed me add artwork.