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I was at the beach yesterday and my 5-month-old iPod was in my bag. A huge wave came when I was reading and the bottom of my beach bag got soaked. Of course, because iPod Classics weigh so much, it had fallen to the bottom of the bag and is now broken. It was off when it happened, and I've let it dry out, but now it won't turn on at all and I'm afraid that even though it was only a splash of water I'm out of luck because of the salt. I've done a lot of research, and I know that Apple's one-year warranty doesn't cover water damage. However, when I bought the iPod I also purchased AppleCare, the two-year warranty plan. Does anyone know if that covers water damage? Does anyone have any other advice about how to repair a water damaged iPod or where I can take it to have it repaired? Or how much any of that will cost? This is the third iPod I've broken and I'm getting really tired of replacing them. I can't go a day without listening to my iPod, but I'm only in High School and I can't afford to keep buying new ones. Please help!
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    Apple Care extends the length of the original warranty but doesn't really change the terms. Sorry, but liquid damage isn't covered. If you're getting tired of replacing them, you're going to have to take some steps to take more care of them. For example, when going into a dangerous environment such as a sandy beach, either be really prudent and don't take a $300, fragile piece of electronics or, at least, put it in a zip lock bag or DrySac.

    Best of luck.
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    If it as you said....a splash of water and your ipod was off, there is a very good chance that it can be revived. First, are you sure you let it dry thoroughly? It would take a couple days sitting in a warm dry place. If it still doesn't turn on, chances are that a repair place could bring it back to life. I've revived a couple ipods that went through a complete wash cycle.
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    Thanks. It hasn't been a few days yet... just happened yesterday. Where did you take yours to have it repaired?