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Will Taylor Level 1 Level 1
I'd really like to make a smart playlist that contains (for example) the 25 oldest podcasts (by release date) that are unplayed. I can't find "release date" anywhere in the smart playlist criteria. Is this feature missing, or am I just not seeing it?
  • monk3y Level 4 Level 4
    You're right, the Release Date filter criteria does not exist.
    You can however do this:

    1) Podcast "is true".
    2) Limit to (25) "songs" selected by "most recently added"
  • Will Taylor Level 1 Level 1
    The "most recently added" criteria doesn't work for me, since I added a lot of podcasts (including back issues) at the same time when I initially got iTunes. In some cases, I have more than 25 podcasts that all have the same add date even though they span several months of release dates.

    Do other users want this feature? Does Apple have a formal process for submitting feature requests for iTunes? Is there a plan to add Release Data to the filter (or better yet, to the "sort by") criteria?
  • monk3y Level 4 Level 4
    The iTunes Feedback page no longer has a feature request option, as it's primarily for requesting music for the iTunes Music Store. Your best bet would be to use the iPod Feedback page.
  • Will Taylor Level 1 Level 1
    Yeah, that's the first place I looked and noticed that it was for requesting new music. Thanks for the link!