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Hi there, I have iphoto 6 and have imported all of my digital photos onto this. I like to use websites like photobox for printing photos but whenever I try to do this it says that the resolution of the photos imported from iphoto is too small.

Please can someone let me know how to increase the resolution? I am incredibly untechnical and just want to be able to print off photos that are of a decent quality!

Thanks in advance


Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
  • Keith Barkley Level 5 Level 5 (5,665 points)
    Do you know the resolution of the photo's you imported? What as the source of those photos? (Including the make and model of your camera).

    If you click on the photo in the iPhoto window, what does it say in the information box in the lower left corner, it should say something like 3000 x 2000.

    If you are using a digital camera, is it set for the highest resolution the camera can provide? It might be nice to cram 10,000 images on your card, but these might all be 640x480 pixel images - which is not a usable resolution for printing photos.
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    Hi Keith

    Many thanks for such a quick reply.

    My camera is a Canon Ixus 850IS and I don't know what the resolution of the imported photos was (can I find this out from the camera?).

    The information box says 2304 x 3072

    I am not bothered about cramming as many photos as I can onto the memory card because I import and delete the photos regularly and there are usually only max. 100 photos each time,

    Thanks again!!
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    Your problem lies elsewhere. 2304 x 3012 will easily print an 8x10 photo at 300 dpi resolution.

    How did you get the image to the photo printing service?
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    I just downloaded it from iphoto to photobox, is there anything specific I should have done?

    Many thanks again
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    The information box says 2304 x 3072

    THose are nice 7 meg photos so unless you are accessing the incorrectly or trying to print very large photos you are fine

    To upload the photos you should select the photos you want in iPhoto, export them to a desktop folder as actual size JPEGs, upload them and then delete the folder from your desktop - If you are pulling them directly from your iPhoto library you are in danger of corrupting your library and you can easily get the wrong size photo

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    Great thank you so much!