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James Arter1 Level 1 (25 points)
Hey people,

Just recently bought a new Mac Pro - Quad Core one - it's great!

However, does it not have airport at all? I didn't click the Airport Extreme option, but I thought there would be something in it. When I bought a G5 (three years ago) I didn't select an Airport option, but had it installed anyway. Here, I assumed the same.

My next question is, can I simply use the Airport Enabler option? Or do I need to purchase the Airport extreme card?
OR...can I take the card, assuming I have it, out of my G5?

Any thoughts, guys?

Powermac G5 / 2gHz Dual Core / 4Gb RAM / 300Gb HD / 150Gb HD, Mac OS X (10.4.9), ProTools DIGI 002 Rack / ProTools LE 7.3
  • Bozz_2006 Level 3 (505 points)
    that's correct. airport is a 'built to order' option. if you did not specifically select it, you do not have it.

    the card out of your g5 will not work. the new mac pro takes a specific card. you will need to buy the airport extreme card for the 2008 mac pro and have it installed.
  • James Arter1 Level 1 (25 points)
    Ah ok, fair enough.

    Is it something I can install myself?
  • Fortuny Level 7 (21,435 points)
    Hi James and congrats on your new best friend

    Airport Extreme is a Built-To-Order option with the MAc Pro (even the first generation ones).
    So if you haven't ticked it you didn't get it.

    You can have it installed by authorized Apple Shops, ask them about the price.

    The Airport card from a G5 is not compatible with the Mac Pros.

    Nonetheless Have Fun

  • Bozz_2006 Level 3 (505 points)
    you may be able to install it yourself, but apple has designated it a 'non-user installable part', because it can be tricky. so, if you want to install it yourself, you may void your warranty, and you will actually have quite a difficult time getting your hands on the card because apple doesn't make them accessible to users, since users aren't supposed to install them themselves.
  • Robert Newall Level 3 (605 points)
    Primarily I just echo the others. It could invalidate your warranty if you install it yourself. That said look on these forums for postings on installing. There will also be links to other sources. I recall one hat gave some good pictures. The problem seems to be varying advice on which of several particular spare wires you use and which one is left for bluetooth. So you could proceed on bad advice by chance. Further it still seems to me to be not the easiest task, though you may be nimble.
    My advice would be to check up with your nearest authorised repairer on the costs. If it is not too much give the job to him. He will also be able to get the NCard. Mine was pre ordered. Get it in then you have it. The other option which I don't recommend though there is no problem with it, is to get an adaptor to put a card slot on per a usb or fire wire port. Put into that slot one of the N cards that exist. I have an Edimax card on a Powerbook G4 and one on a Powerbook Titanium though they are per a built in slot. Neither have any built in N capability.
  • Gavan Bright Level 1 (10 points)
    Hi I stupidly purchased the airport extreme card thinking I could install it into my Mac Pro 2008 however I am now stuck with a card I can not use!


    I wonder if the apple store will take it back since they will have to install the purpose built card into my mac pro?



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  • zaphod42 Level 1 (20 points)
    obviously it seems not easy at all to install the card! me living now in the french country side ::: no Apple technicians around here to install it!
    *isn't there a smart guy around who made an AirPort PCI Card to just plug-in???*
    (found some for the PPC but not Mac Pro)
    anybody an idea it an AirPort PCI Card for the Mac Pro (2008) is available out there?
  • zaphod42 Level 1 (20 points)
    started a new threat with this "deleted" thoughts

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  • ThirteenXIII Level 1 (140 points)
    I found this just today, on the proper way to install it in another thread.


    Like any other component installation in the macpro, anything could potentially go wrong with installing any part, be it Hard drive, optical drive, memory, PCI cards.
    clips could break, etc etc.

    To me it seems just as easy as putting in any upgradeable part.
    I think apple just put more of a "FUD" against it.
  • Jazzman Level 2 (160 points)
    Apple Store charged me $30.00 to install. Not bad and only took about 20 minutes for them to do it.
  • Robert Newall Level 3 (605 points)
    Nice to hear that Jazzman. Done, your fingers not bruised and if it goes wrong you have a recourse, rather than just cursing yourself for your fumbling or a webpage author who took no payment so made no legally enforceable contract.