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I have a older 40gb ipod that got rained on and now nothing happens, nothing on screen and it won't connect to the computer. I've tried to reset it but nothing happens....I've already opened it and unplugged and re connected the battery, still nothing...what usually goes bad, when one gets wet,,,Hard drive, motherboard, battery..etc...?....Thanks for you help

dell, Windows XP
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (33,210 points)
    Most likely the logic board, because it is the most delicate part. Water conducts electricity. Trying to run it while still wet could have shorted out some circuits and caused permanent damage. It would be somewhat like dropping copper shavings into the open iPod case, closing it up, shaking it, and turning it on. Taking it apart immediately after it got wet (without attempting to start it) and disconnecting the battery, then letting it dry for a few days would have been better.

    Make sure you have taken all the connectors off, including the tiny ones on the logic board. Inside those connectors would probably be the last place to dry.
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    All might not be lost. Honestly, It could simply be just the battery. Batteries are very sensitive to water. VaxTex Corp. +Small Electronics Repair+ can repair it or they'll offer to buy it from you. They also offer free return shipping, and, if you live in New York State, free shipping both ways. Here's the link:


    hope that helps!
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    Put your iPod in a Zip-Lock bag with Silica Gel Packets. Let it sit overnight and the Silica Gel will pull the moisture from the iPod and it's internal parts and dry it out. Simply air drying does not remove moisture from the components. You find Silica Gel in with all new electronics, Tvs, Phones, etc. for a reason.

    Just google Silica Gel Packets and you will find a number of vendors selling!
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    Ok my Ipod went throught the washer before i was aware it was in there and Exactly how many gel packets are we talking about 3 or 4? Or like enough to cover the ipod?